China expresses its admiration for WEF and 'the Davos spirit'

Globalists, such as Tom Friedman, Klaus Schwab and Barack Obama, along with a lot of greenie billionaires, have expressed admiration for China and its development as a world power for years.

Now, China is returning the compliment.

According to PJMedia's Catherine Salgado:

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state propaganda outlet Global Times praised the “Davos Spirit” in a tweet, claiming, “China’s ideals and achievements also made the Davos Spirit more dazzling.”

The tweet further said that China is excited to find “more like-minded friends at the WEF.”

Editorial: The #Davos Spirit with openness and cooperation as core is also resonating with China. China’s ideals and achievements also made the Davos Spirit more dazzling.

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) January 15, 2023

The tweet included a link to a Global Times editorial titled, “China has always kept in step with Davos Spirit.” The editorial said that, with the WEF theme of “Cooperation in a Fragmented World,” the CCP is excited to play a supposedly “constructive role” in resolving issues. 

The full editorial from the communist Chinese state paper is here.

Which pretty well makes Davos and the Chicoms a mutual admiration society.

And why wouldn't it be? Schwab, who runs the outfit, is on record as envisioning a future where "you'll own nothing and be happy," which sounds remarkably like something China's communist founder, Mao Zedong, might have said in his day.

Last November, Schwab declared on Chinese state television that China was a role model, a "model for many nations." He tried to paper it over with happy talk about every nation choosing for itself, but the deed was done.

I wrote about that disturbing incident and its utterly fascistic implications here.

Meanwhile, other characters such a Tom Friedman have praised the Chinese regime, and Barack Obama has expressed his longing to be able to scrap the trappings of democracy to rule by fiat and diktat like they do. Those are the globalists, the one-world governmenters, the great resetters and they are still out there, while guys like LeBron James continue to rake in the money.

Such mutual admiration now, it's kind of like they're the same thing.

But China, recall, is the nation that just got through a round of major protests over its top-down edicts on the COVID they created. Yes, they created COVID and then inflicted it on the world which is a problem right there. They are the pioneers of mass surveillance of the public and a detested social credit system. Big Brother had nothing on the Chicoms.

They are a nation that just got caught setting up illegal police stations around the world the better to extend their reach to even those 11 million Chinese people who flee their communist paradise each year. Nobody foreign, it should be noted, immigrates to China. That's a heckuva violation of national sovereignties in a variety of countries, the better to extend the all-reaching hand of state, and those cop stations have drawn many reports of thuggery. Last week, one of their illegal police stations in New York City was raided by the FBI. They aren't exactly a good global citizen, so to speak, but no matter -- the compliments just keep coming.

That's just one of a host of problems with China abroad. Their spy operations are legion -- just ask Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Eric Swalwell, two dupes of the Chicoms on that front. 

They are challenging the U.S. for dominance on the South China Sea, ending the great piece in the post-Vietnam War era that led to the rise of the Asian Tiger states. Now they are menacing most of those nations, especially lead-Tiger Taiwan, with their violations of its airspace, and they have certainly crushed freedom in the Original Tiger, Hong Kong, violating their treaty obligations to do it. They have repressed religious figures there, shut down virtually all the independent press, and driven little kids leading protests into exile. They are absolutely a brute power whose only role model is Russia.

But the gushy gush, kissy kiss between China and the Davos set, full of its self-indulgent greenie billionaires and puffed up diplomats and hedge fund managers and cabinet officials and journalistic hangers on has never been heavier.

It's a disgusting specter and ought to serve to discredit Davos as an institution. Any group that can suck up to China like they do is pretty much at odds with millions of freedom-loving peoples. Going to Davos ought to be socially shamed, not hailed and rewarded as a sort of 'in crowd.'

It's bad stuff, and what it tells us is that Davos is morphing into something worse than just a rich man's playground now. It's becoming an arm of the Chinese communist party. That's not good for "the world" they claim to speak for.

Image: World Economic Forum ( / Photo by Remy Steinegger, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0


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