Black History Month theme this year set to aggravate racial tensions

Don Surber points out this morning that Black History Month, which begins February 1 st, is this year celebrating the official theme of “Black Resistance.” Even worse, the poster that they have chosen features a couple of very bad role models.

On Wednesday, America will kick off another black history month. This year’s theme is black resistance. Among the 9 people featured in the official poster are Angela Davis and Malcolm X — not Martin Luther King or Clarence Thomas, men who made America better, but a pair of thugs.

Davis is the communist who in August 1970 surreptitiously armed three murder defendants which led to a shootout with the police that left the judge and the three gunmen dead.

Malcolm X was an ex-convict who once was the face of the Nation of Islam, a black supremacist church. When he left it, the church sent assassins who killed him. A biopic on him in 1992 won an Oscar for Denzel Washington. The NAACP gave the film an Image Award. Malcolm X is the face of the NAACP, not Dr. King.

I have a problem with that because Malcolm X was as big a bigot as Bull Connor, Nathan Bedford Forrest and George Wallace. He was a black supremacist who supported segregation. Louis Lomax, a black journalist of the era, confronted Malcolm X about his racism in a 1963 interview.

Malcolm X said, “The white devil’s time is up; it has been up for almost 50 years now. It has taken us that long to get the deaf, dumb, and blind black men in the wilderness of North America to wake up and understand who they are. You see, sir, when a man understands who he is, who God is, who the devil is… then he can pick himself up out of the gutter; he can clean himself up and stand up like a man should before his God. This is why we teach that in order for a man to really understand himself he must be part of a nation; he must have some land of his own, a God of his own, a language of his own. Most of all he must have love and devotion for his own kind.”

BHM thus joins with the reparations movement in fanning the flames of racial resentment and eventually race war. I am perfectly fine with celebrating black achievements, but honoring Angela Davis and Malcolm X can only serve to build a negative future.

So, who chose this theme?

It turns out that Black History Month is controlled by The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), a group originally founded in 1915 by Carter Woodson as The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, which backed Negro History Week as the second week in February. Both the name and the time frame of the celebration have since evolved.

It is a great shame that ASALH has chosen to make things worse this year. Unfortunately, they have plenty of company in moving our society in the direction of racial hatred and conflict.

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