Biden’s reported choice of Jeff Zients as his new chief of staff is full of delicious irony

My initial reaction to the news report from the Washington Post that Jeff Zients has been chosen to replace departing Ron Klain as President Biden’s chief of staff was that where it really counts, Biden is sticking with a cis-gendered, heterosexual white male, despite his purported commitment for diversity. It’s one thing to have an incompetent black lesbian with a startling resemblance to Raggedy Ann as press secretary, where she reads from prepared notes almost certainly prepared by someone else (since she mispronounces the words written out for her so often). But with a senile, dim bulb president, the chief of staff pretty much runs the country, at the instruction of the puppet masters that put Biden into power in the first place.

But the diversity hypocrisy is the least of it when it comes to Zients. Joseph Simonson of the Free Beacon has a delightful must-read article on Zients’s career foundation in the very same Bain Capital that gave us Mitt Romney, who was savagely attacked by Biden, the VP candidate running against him for the alleged cruelty and immorality of Bain.

President Joe Biden’s new chief of staff, Jeff Zients, is a centimillionaire businessman who, like the failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, got his start as a consultant at Bain Consulting. (For Romney and Bain, in Biden's telling, that was just a pit stop on the road to putting Americans "through hell and back.") (snip)

Bain Capital, Biden claimed, was in part responsible for the decline in domestic manufacturing over the past half century.

"There’s Romney economics, which says as long as the government helps the guys at the very top do well, workers and small businesses and communities can be left to fend for themselves," Biden told an Ohio audience in May 2012. "You’ve been through hell and back. Outsourcing. Padlocked plants. How many times have you opened your newspaper to find out another factory was closing down? And you probably knew someone who worked there too. Or maybe it was you."

Zients speaking at the left-wing Center for American Progress in 2015.
Photo credit: Alyson Fligg, Department of Labor, CC BY 2.0 license.

Fortunately for Biden, there are no confirmation hearings for a president’s chief of staff, and chiefs of staff traditionally receive a tiny fraction of the attention their power merits. But maybe Peter Doocy will get a chance to ask KJP if Biden is bothered by his background at Bain given what Biden has said about that firm

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