Biden's age is not a problem

Each time I hear derogatory remarks regarding President Biden's chronological age as the culprit of his malaprops and physical maladies, such as these...

Biden's muddled mind and broken walk is due to his age.

A person his age cannot and should not hold office — let alone the most consequential in the country.

We need a generational change in the White house and Congress.

All these old-age fogeys belong in a home for the aged.

...I cringe.

Biden's problem isn't his chronological age.  His problem is that he is not one of the Super Agers.

"Super Agers" are a recent addition to our lexicon of winners and losers — and super agers are decidedly winners.  Small in number but mighty in mental prowess, these elders are pushing back against the presumptuous image of the "super old" equaling uselessness.

A Super Ager is loosely defined as an individual eighty years and above who is a totally functioning, independent, and productive member of society.  To qualify as a Super Ager, one must possess a memory as strong as that of "kids" in their fifties and sixties.  A simple qualifying test provides a subject with a list of fourteen nouns and then ask for a recitation a few hours later.  But, objectively, one can witness many celebrity Super Agers in action.  Some work for compensation.  Some serve as volunteers, serve on boards, or are active in politics.  They drive, shop, cook, pay attention to appearance, attend events, and have a lively circle of friends and acquaintances.  In fact, most would be defined as "social butterflies."

Super Agers don't accept the stereotypes of their presumed decline — they ignore them.  Not only do Super Agers think and act younger than their chronological age, but their connected, active lifestyle is facilitated commonly by concomitant good health and physical well-being.  Some familiar Super Agers are actor Anthony Hopkins, who won an Oscar at 83; county singer Willie Nelson at 89, still performing, as is Julie Andrews at 87, on Netflix; industrialists Charles Koch at 85, Pat Robertson at 90, Rupert Murdoch at 89; Senator Chuck Grassley, 87; and the late amazing Queen Elizabeth, who passed away in office at 96.

So the next time one gripes about Biden's age, please remember, it's not that he's elderly.  Biden's glaring problem is that he is not a Super Ager.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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