A tale of betrayal: Elon Musk exposes corruption, and the media goes scorched earth

The media used to love Elon Musk. They adored his “eco-conscious” business ventures because it fit their Green agenda. Musk, being a manufacturer of electric cars powered by the highly flammable pollutant lithium and a seller of worthless pieces of paper called carbon credits, made him the media’s golden boy. But now, everything has changed….

Now, Musk is hated by the media and other Democrats as much as Donald Trump, and they are seeking to destroy him. Why? Well, because Musk bought Twitter and he’s been on a rampage of transparency and truth, exposing the massive corruption and collusion of the media and government officials to silence dissenting opinions and to interfere in elections. Musk is doing the job they should be doing.

Most of the media is also burying the release of the Twitter information because they don’t want the public to see how complicit they were in trying to influence who is elected.

They are blaming his takeover of Twitter for the massive decline in Tesla’s stock price because they say he isn’t paying attention.

Here is Tesla’s price for the last year:

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The price was spiked because of the hype in the market and is still probably too high. The decline has little or nothing to do with Twitter.

The following are four other electric car companies whose stock prices were hyped due to government policies:

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These companies have never made money. The only reason they went so high was because of wild dreams related to government policy (Build Back Better, Green New Deal) to force people to buy inefficient, impractical, and expensive electric cars.

Here are two car companies that make big profits selling gas-guzzling SUVs, while saying they will go all electric in a few years, and while buying carbon credits to pretend they have reduced their carbon footprint:

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Below are six other companies, out of hundreds of stocks, where the price ran too high because government bureaucrats kept interest rates near zero for a long time and caused investors to chase stocks, bonds, and real estate and inflated their prices. When prices go too high, they can fall precipitously. Almost all stocks appear to fall in lockstep because so many people have been advised to invest in index funds and exchange traded funds.

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And when investors really got hungry, they started buying into things like FTX which ended up costing billions. Here are four other crypto-related assets and their tremendous downfalls:

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Everyone should be very careful in paying attention to investment advisors and “experts.” The same people making predictions now probably missed previous predictions by a mile. Their predictions are as accurate as climate predictions.

If a stock goes from $10 to $100 in a year an investor has a 900% return. If it drops from $100 to $10 the next year it only dropped 90% so an investment advisor could truthfully say that there was an average 405% rate of return for two years while the investor earned zero. A stock can go up an infinite amount and can only go down 100% so don’t always trust statistics. They are as easy to manipulate as climate computer models. 

President Trump’s policies were focused on helping everyone, especially the private sector. His policies yielded energy independence, low inflation, rising real wages and a record low poverty level at the end of 2019. Think how successful he could have been if the media and other Democrats hadn’t set out to destroy him from the day he took office. 

Biden’s policies are to expand the reach of big government; we see the results as the media cheers him every step of the way.

I would challenge anyone to list the policies of Biden meant to increase the power and money in the private sector. I can’t think of any. Look at the amount of money lost investing in electric car companies. 

Thank goodness Musk is showing the public the dangers of a government colluding with the media. Sadly, most media outlets are burying that story just like they continue to bury the truth about the massive corruption of the Biden family, and sadly, the media will never forgive Musk for doing their job as they seek to pull out every stop to discredit him now he’s their enemy.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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