A Florida bakery kicked out a Black man

Gianno Caldwell is one of the bravest people in America. How do I know that? Because he’s an openly conservative Black man, a Fox news political analyst and political podcaster, an enemy of PC culture, and the author of a book advising Republicans how to bring disenchanted Black Democrats back to the Republican party. Those views saw him kicked out of a North Miami bakery.

For those unfamiliar with Caldwell, who grew up on Chicago’s southside, once Barack Obama’s political stomping grounds, here’s the key paragraph from Caldwell’s website bio:

Gianno’s first book, TAKEN FOR GRANTED: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed largely recounts his childhood in streets filled with violence, poverty, and drugs (including his own mother’s addiction) and the way in which conservative values helped him achieve his dreams in reaching DC and Los Angeles. His hope is that other Americans will be motivated by his journey and focus again on faith, hard work, and self-determination.

Image: Gianno Caldwell. Facebook screen grab.

I’m impressed that Gianno could take a clear look at his community and realize that he and it needed conservative values to thrive. Moreover, instead of hiding his beliefs, he’s been open about them, inevitably exposing him to opprobrium from the intolerant left.

Speaking of the intolerant left, Caldwell was in Paradis Books & Bread in North Miami the other day, and his views were not acceptable, as Fox News reported:

On Saturday morning, the restaurant owner approached Caldwell and said that she had been “listening” to their conversation and decided that they “were not welcome” in her restaurant. 

Caldwell said he asked if he had said something “triggering” to the owner, to which she explained that they were being removed because their politics do not align. Caldwell and his group promptly exited the restaurant in response.

Caldwell and his friends didn’t make a fuss but left immediately. However, what happened didn’t sit well with him:

The restaurant has shut down its website, but its Instagram account lives on. That’s where it published its take on what happened when Caldwell and his friends came in, along with a poster showing its official policy regarding all the people whom it loves and the phobias and -isms that it hates. First, the poster:

Second, the post:

hey y’all, we experienced an incident in our space today and we feel that it is important to reshare our safer spaces policy that we have instituted since the very beginning. please know that this is not a post to incite, instigate, or agitate, but to clarify what happened and how we handle these situations.

a group of people came in, ordered their food, sat in the inside corner, and talked quite loudly for over an hour. a lot of what they were discussing was very troubling, specifically when talking about women in degrading ways, as well as using eugenic arguments around their thoughts on Roe v. Wade. their behavior and their words made other folks in the space as well as the one of us working very uncomfortable. once it was clear that they were finished with their meal, we told them that our views don’t align, and that the language they were using was unwelcome in our space. one person in the group said “that is your business model, and i respect that”. as a space co-owned by black folks and women, we firmly stand by our zero tolerance policy.

since the incident, we have been getting harassed on the internet, specifically on t*itter, google reviews, and as of 20 minutes ago, on this platform. we are asking our community to just be aware of the situation, leave a nice review on google if you’d like, and to approach us with the same kindness that you always do if you’re passing through in the next few days 💛

xx, team pbb

I’m guessing, but I bet that Caldwell and his friends discussed how women have abandoned their role as nurturers who raise up the coming generations in America and are, instead, angry, sexually confused harridans dependent on the government; and that, thanks to Roe v. Wade, 20 million Black babies have been aborted. That would seem to explain the claim that they talked about women “in degrading ways” and used “eugenic arguments” tied to abortion.

What’s clear is that, among the Democrats at Paradis, “wrongthink” is not allowed. Anybody who doesn’t agree with their political views is not welcome, allowing them to discriminate against Blacks who care about the Black Holocaust that is abortion.

Milton Friedman believed that commerce would end racism because, in the end, the green of money would override any prejudices against skin color. He was naïve, for he failed to realize that leftist ideological prejudice will override everything, including a store owner’s desire for his or her business to continue.

America isn’t falling apart at the seams. Leftists are relentlessly picking away at the shared values (including real tolerance) that created a unified nation. It’s up to conservatives to create the big tent that welcomes Americans back inside.

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