You’re not imagining that hard leftists are ugly and unpleasant

There’s a new Substack site in town and, if a recent post about leftists’ biological underpinnings is anything to go by, this site will go far. The writer at Biopolitics has assembled all sorts of information about the mental and biological traits of being on the left and right sides of the political spectrum and reached an over-arching conclusion: Leftists are physically ugly and mentally unpleasant, although it remains unclear whether their biology makes them leftists or their politics affect their biology.

Biopolitics describes itself as a site that will have “a series of concise…articles, based on scientific studies and empirical evidence.” All of it is directed at telling normal people that, as they watch the world go mad, they’re not crazy—the world is, and the science proves it.

So far, the site has only one post, but it’s a humdinger. “The Leftist Personality: Left-Wing ideology as a biological phenomenon” catches your eye instantly with the header image: a montage of mug shots from the 2020 riots. Admittedly, mug shots seldom do people any favors, but this collection of dyed, shaved, and tattooed people—with the men sporting the faded remnants of make-up and the women, to be blunt, being coyote ugly—really does tell a story about what kind of people take to the streets for leftist protests.

Photomontage of women before and after college indoctrination. There are more of these social media images compiled at PostDiscus.

That’s empirical evidence, though. The site is also loaded with footnotes linking to the type of studies that keep showing up in the media comparing leftists and conservatives.

The writer starts with something interesting: “AI facial recognition can accurately predict a person’s political alignment 72% of the time, outperforming chance (50%) and human estimation (55%) (footnote omitted).” From there, we learn that you’re not imagining that more attractive people are conservative, while men who are more manly are also conservative. There’s a quick summary: “Leftists are shorter and uglier, and Leftist men are weaker, less masculine, and less capable of fighting — characteristics that are not conducive to success in any human civilization” (footnote omitted).

At this point in the essay, there’s another wonderful photo montage, this one showing vulgar, sexually weird, exhibitionistic leftists contrasted with strong, wholesome, productive conservatives. Talk about a picture being worth 1,000 words.

It’s not just looks that give leftists away. Their psychology is also different from conservatives. One of the things I remember reading about years ago is that leftists don’t react much to things that ordinary people find disgusting. This probably goes a long way to explaining the leftist obsession with fecal matter. Leftists know that normal people are disgusted by poop, so leftists revel in it and use it against the normals.

According to the Biopolitics writer, the leftist habit of victimhood signaling (we’re talking to you, Joe Biden) has some pretty nasty traits behind it:

The stereotypically Left-Wing behavior of “victimhood signaling” correlates with personality traits such as narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism (amoral manipulation). Victimhood signaling is best described as an emotional manipulation technique used to obtain free resources. (Footnotes omitted.)

There’s more, including other great images, including a montage showing leftist destruction and conservative beauty. However, I don’t want to give the whole game away. Instead, I suggest that you check out the post and then give thanks that, if you’re a regular American Thinker reader, you’re physically attractive, mentally healthy, and a productive member of society.

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