Women don't want abortions

Women don't want abortions.  Why would a woman get pregnant knowing she might end up having an abortion?  Certainly, some women get pregnant knowing there's a chance they might have an abortion.  But abortion advocates would have us believe that women routinely choose — freely and without reservations — to have an abortion when, in fact, most abortions are coerced.

No one should be exploited or abused, including pregnant women.  Abortion advocates, who claim to be "pro-choice," proclaim that abortion is liberating and is a sacred right that must not be questioned or challenged.  Yet in most instances, it's the child's father who chooses abortion.  Coercion is cruel.  Abortion is cruel.  Abortion promoters are waging a war on women.  Pro-lifers should recognize that abortion is anti-woman and change their rhetoric and emphasize the sadistic nature of the war on women by focusing on helping helpless women who are forced to abort.  By saving women, unborn children will be saved as well.  We must convey our empathy for new mothers and our disdain for murderous fathers.

Pro-life advocates and adoption agencies should consider increasing their advertising budgets.  Agencies should solicit and collect public and private donations earmarked for adoption advertising.  Because birth fathers frequently make the decision to abort and persuade their partners to abort, advertising should be directed toward both men and women. 

Image: Steve Rhodes.

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