Woke military: Lt. Col. calls cops on mom concerned about LGBT indoctrination

The moment he entered office, Obama started reshaping the military in his woke image — everything from welcoming the LGBT crowd to firing old-line officers who were insufficiently woke.  Trump's efforts to reverse this trend were unavailing, which is unsurprising, given that the woke Pentagon hierarchy opposed him.  Two years of Biden's redoubling Obama's efforts have left us at this moment: a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel called the cops on a mother who put up a Facebook post expressing concern about LGBT propaganda in her children's elementary school.

Most people became aware of what happened when Tucker Carlson had Angela Reading on the show, and I'll include Tucker's interview with Reading at the end of this post.  However, Chaos and Control, which broke the story, has a comprehensive database of screen grabs, all made before the lieutenant colonel deleted his internet presence.

New Jersey imposes unscientific leftist sexuality.  However, this information is supposed to be taught in age-appropriate classes (as if there's anything age appropriate about magical thinking dressed in scientific garb).  Inevitably, this nonsense spills out of the classroom and into the whole school because leftist activists desperately need to spread the word.

And that brings us to Angela Reading, a parent of two in the North Hanover Township Elementary School District.  When Reading took her younger daughter to attend her math night, which was held at the district's 4th- to 6th-grade elementary school, Reading found herself trying to explain to her daughter a big, student-created poster in the hallway celebrating LGBT diversity, including such things as polysexuality and pansexuality.

Reading took to Facebook to express her concern about having an elementary school "promoting/allowing elementary KIDS to research topics of sexuality and create posters."  She noted that this poster was not part of the state's curriculum.  She added that "it's perverse and should be illegal to expose my kids to sexual content."  (Here is a clearer image of the poster.)

If one reads the post in its entirety, it's obvious that Reading was not saying LGBT sexuality is perverse; rather, she was saying it is perverse to expose such young kids to any kind of detailed sexuality information.  There is nothing in the post that attacks LGBT sexuality.  Instead, she only challenges exposing young children to any type of sexuality.

The most unexpected response was a post from Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling ("He/Him"), who works at Joint Base (McGuire, Fort Dix, and Lakehurst) near New Hanover.  Just so you know a little more about this "military hero," here's his now-locked LinkedIn page.  (The images below are all from Chaos and Control's site.)

Schilling ("He/Him") proudly announced that he had reported Reading to the police.  "The Joint Base leadership takes this situation very seriously and from the beginning have had the Security Forces working with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation to ensure the continued safety of the entire community."

What made Schilling ("He/Him") engage in this Stasi-like behavior?  Did the LGBT activists on the base complain, forcing Schilling to protect his position under Biden's woke administration, to bow down before them?  (My weird sense of humor is such that now I can't get this movie scene out of my mind.)  Or is Schilling ("He/Him") himself a member of the LGBT tribe who, despite his military training, was frightened by Reading's post?  I look forward to more information emerging to supersede my guesses.

Schilling ("He/Him") wasn't done.  When someone retweeted an image of the poster at issue and explained why Reading was upset, Schilling ("He/Him") accused Reading of lying, saying that her seven-year-old couldn't have seen the posters — as if no younger child has ever been to an older sibling's school:

Schilling ("He/Him") was so invested in this argument that, when the facts were brought to his attention, he simply dug in his heels:

A Change.org petition supporting Angela Reading has 2,500 signatures as of this writing.  I wonder whether Change.org will pull the petition if it gets more popular.

Tucker's team heard about Reading's ordeal and brought her on his show, which helped make more people aware of what had happened:

There are currently calls for Schilling ("He/Him") to resign. I assume, though, that he has the Pentagon's full backing.

As I noted at the top of this post, Obama successfully turned the military from a non-partisan institution devoted to protecting America should there be a war against foreign aggressors into a partisan organization dedicated to advancing Democrat power and leftist social issues such as Critical Race Theory and the LGBT agenda.  Biden has since doubled down on these policies.  That's why, for this rejiggered American military, there's a new enemy: American mothers who dare to take a stand against the leftists' aggressive sexualizing of young children (also known as grooming).

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