Vermont girls pilloried for wanting privacy in their locker room

A boy was asked by a number of teen girls not to watch them disrobe in the girls' volleyball changing room in a Randolph, Vermont High School.  The girls' understandable complaints have been framed as a "wildfire of bigotry and hatred" by the boy's mother.  Liberal Vermont media have poured ideological fuel on that wildfire by framing the issue solely as one of "trans rights," ignoring entirely that girls may not want to disrobe in front of what Vermont education guidelines direct must be called "people with penises."  If girls ("people with uteruses") wish to have their personal identities as biological females respected, they are attacked as hateful bigots inflicting harm.

In a recent interview, the male student in question (a "girl" who is a "person with testes"), using the name "Rabbit," recounted the harrowing experience of being "attacked" by three or four girls.  This is the modus operandi of the left: seek to discredit and vilify anyone (including 14-year-old "people with uteruses") who dares to question the un-scientific fantasy narrative of "gender theory" being thrust upon schoolchildren.

Vermont school officials rallied the community against the girls, compelling the local media outlet that initially reported the story to retract it.  David Goodman, brother to Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman, reported in a recent article that "WCAX featured a single student who objected to Rabbit's presence in the girl's [sic] locker room."  This is allegedly a journalistic sin — reporting one girl's opinion, in opposition to another "girl" (with a  penis)'s opinion, though there were a number of girls who felt uncomfortable being topless in front of a person (whatever we're calling him) with a penis.

The Randolph community is less outraged by the penis-possessing person in the locker room than it is by the school's — and the ideologically rabid media's — vicious retaliation against these girls and their families.  Rather than address the girls' legitimate privacy concerns, the teens have become community pariahs, labeled liars and haters.  But who is really lying?

In Goodman's one-sided interview with "Rabbit," girls' privacy rights were not considered.  But Rabbit affirmed the girls' story, stating (at 17:30):

The first thing I hear is like "Rabbit, Rabbit, get out. What are you doing here? Rabbit, what are you doing here?" These three girls had screamed at me to get out of the girls' locker room which I belong in legally.  I am a girl — I belong in the girls' locker room. ... I ignore them and I go off to this little sideroom. ... And so I just change in there because they didn't want to see me.  They hated me at that point for some reason and so I realized I didn't know what to wear at the game ... so I peek my head around the corner of that little room and I say "Oh hey are we doing jerseys today?" and the first thing I hear is "Rabbit, get out!  What are you doing in here?  Shut up!" and like "I don't want you to see," or whatever and so I retaliated at this point because this is the second time that they had been indescribably rude to me and my gender identity and I was just like "I don't care. ... I am meant to be in this locker room" and one of the snarky responses I got back was "Yeah well we care."

This corresponds with the account of the several girls who were disrobing and asking for privacy.  Yet Victim Rabbit claims this was an "event full of hatred and malice toward me and my gender identity."  "She" with a penis was indignant in particular about a particular remark by Blake Allen:

One of the comments that she made was calling me a biological man.  Just a quick dissection of that — not a biological boy considering my age, or not even a biological male — a biological man which had made it seem very precise wording like I was some kind of 18- or 19-year-old pervert. (at 20:20).

The heinous crime here is allegedly not a peeping penile Rabbit, but a girl who dared call her a him.  Rabbit admitted that there has been no physical harm to him but conjures tales of right-wing meanies waiting to pounce from the shadows:

There are people out there that have weapons and that will shoot and they will stab and they will maim trans-folk just for existing on the street. ... There was this aura of malice and absolute despising rage behind the entire Randolph community. ... That was a school full of horrible students that were actively making their voices heard over the voices of the victims involved (at 23:00).

There we have the crime — "cisgirls" "making their voices heard."  Randolph is a school where girls are not allowed to voice their gender beliefs.  Indeed, the school attempted to compel Blake Allen to apologize, and fired her father as a coach for similarly refusing to recant.  This is government-compelled speech, in clear derogation of First Amendment liberties.  We are to believe that Rabbit is the prey when in fact it is the girls who are being tormented by a school saturated with woke hatred and "absolute despising rage."  These disrobing girls are the victims — of a Mao-like oppression of their thoughts, and their basic human right to physical privacy. 

VTdigger and David Goodman have shamelessly tried to shame the girls as hateful bigots, ignoring the very idea that teen girls might have a privacy right when naked.  But they have also turned a blind eye to the evidence that this same Rabbit did some peeking the previous year, against some other girls.  In that incident, one of the girls claims that the phallused Rabbit was watching her change and said, "You're making my male instincts kick in.  I want to f--- you."

Perhaps the Rabbit is not prey, but predator.  What is the truth about gender, and victimhood, in Randolph, Vermont?

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