Vanity project for a Hollywood D-lister accelerates decline of a renowned field of cinema

Countless modern instances create a scenario in which I find myself yearning for past eras or alternate realities — living in an amoral culture of Sodom-like depravity is something I find detestable, and frankly, intolerable — but there’s one reason in particular that compels my nostalgia and/or wishful thinking, and it’s rather petty. I miss the time when Meghan Markle and Harry weren’t constantly in the news cycle, for one ridiculous thing after the other.

First there were claims that an unidentified family member had “concerns” about their unborn child’s skin color, not saying it didn’t happen, but those same family members slobbered over the Obamas, so I find it hard to believe; then the couple used millions of taxpayer dollars to redesign their personal residence with luxury renovations, but don’t worry, they paid it back after the scrutiny, so hats off; and just recently we learned that one of Markle’s latest podcast episodes which routinely features “serial moaning” and “controversial claims” ranked below an 8-hour track of baby lullabies.

Despite all those particulars — I would be mortified if that were me — Harry and Meghan refuse to go gracefully, dignity be damned! Apparently there was a Netflix “documentary” in the works, and the trailer just dropped….

Now admittedly, I am completely ignorant of the cinema and film industry — so I did a quick internet search, looking for what those in the field had to say about their mission when embraking on the production of a documentary. I found this:

Documentaries can preserve important events or parts of history – sometimes stories or archival footage that other people would rather bury. This gives the world not only a better understanding of events in the past but also a glimpse of what we might face in the future.

Below is a second perspective:

[A documentary’s] goal is to bring to light a certain cause or injustice with the hope that their film will help galvanize the masses to demand change.

These defined parameters and stated objectives seemed to make sense with the little I do know: Blackfish sought to expose the sordid side of Sea World (“stories… that other people would rather bury”), and therefore encourage action against whales in captivity; An Inconvenient Truth (if you can even call that a documentary) had a mission to rally support for action against “global warming” — or is it “global cooling” now?

So why the heck is there a documentary about Harry and Meghan? Are Harry and Meghan important historical figures? Are they raising awareness for a societal ill or pandemic?

No, not at all. First, they’re indistinguishable from the rest of Hollywood and philanthropic-types. They contribute to the historical record like any number of guests on Jerry Springer contributes to the historical record — for absurdity alone. Secondly, there’s no hint of this being an altruistic project, at least not from the trailer.

So what’s the “mission”?

There isn’t a mission! There’s zero evidence this cinematic endeavor fits the conventional purpose of a documentary (preserving human history or promoting humanitarianism), and, I know this is going to be hard to believe, but it’s clear that it’s nothing more than another nauseating, self-promoting, vanity project. Imagine that from a mediocre Hollywood actress.

The trailer begins with someone posing the question, “Why do you [emphasis added] want to make this documentary?” to which Markle replies, “Doesn’t it make sense to hear our story from us?”

Isn’t that what a primetime interview is for?

Furthermore, Harry and Meghan were the brains behind this project? They came up with the idea to make the documentary, rather than an actual documentarian? I mean, that’s what it sounds like given the tone of the question, juxtaposed with the (lack of traditional) content. I’d like Harry and Meghan to explain to me how this isn't just a less-trashy version of the Kardashian show….

If Markle’s podcast can’t beat out baby lullabies, what’s the likelihood this new show will beat out Cocomelon?

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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