This is what kids are learning nowadays...

There was a time in America when schools did the job they were supposed to do.

“Transgenderism” indoctrination did not exist. Schools made sure to prepare the future generation to succeed in the real world.

However, that has now changed. Flash forward to the twenty-first century, and you will find that kids are learning about “drag queens” as well as the idea that men can be women and women can be men.

These people are sick! This societal corruption is psychologically, and at times, physically, hurting our children.

This is what Democrats want for your children. Think about that.

Project Veritas recently went undercover to expose this horrible ideology being taught in schools.

Veritas found that Joseph Bruno, a dean at a private school in Chicago, was publicly bragging about the fact that his students were learning about passing around sex toys and noticing the differences between lubes and spit.

Bruno concluded, “That’s a really cool part of my job.” 

Really? Folks, this is not normal, nor should it be acceptable societal behavior. This is truly an ignominy that no one should support. The idea that children are being taught a very gruesome sexual ideology is abhorrent.

Consequently, many of these children will probably have traumatic experiences as they mature. They will find it difficult to sustain a relationship since they are being taught lies.

Bruno was ecstatic about the fact that the students were playing with sex toys. Bruno found it “cool” just watching these minors play with these graphic toys. Can we bring asylums back for people like Bruno?

Kids are also learning about “drag queens,” and transvestites, men dressed in women’s clothing.

Joseph Bruno had a drag queen come over to his school. He stated, “We had a Drag Queen come in and pass out cookies and brownies and do photos.” 

Can you imagine the trauma that these kids are experiencing by seeing a drag queen? It is incomprehensible.

I urge you to take a look online at the disgusting interactions “drag queens” create when visiting kids. After all, they are “minor-attracted people,” to use today’s politically correct terminology.

Yet, the parents of these children can be largely at fault for what their kids are learning. Why don't they take them out of school? I predict it is because they are people with a liberal ideology and believe that their children should learn about sex toys at a young age, rather than learn about Reading, Math, Science, and History.

This is truly unacceptable. Be prepared for the next generation. If schools keep up with their indoctrination, our country will be doomed.

Why can’t we go back to the old times? Back then, there was much more common sense than there is today.

Our society has now been corrupted. All this talk of “inclusivity” and “equality” is a lie. Democrats support indoctrinating your kids. They encourage schools to do just that. They do not care about your children. I believe that this indoctrination of drag queens and sex is all the Democratic party’s doing. All they want is power and will do anything to retain it. Are we that willing to put pride over common sense? Democrats are not the answer, they are the problem. In voting them into office, the fundamental values of our alluring republic are being exacerbated. Go after the school boards. Demand change now!

Anthony Gonzalez is a student in high school.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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