They hate us

They hate us. Oh boy, do they ever.
Remember Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, ripping up President Trump’s State of the Union address?
That’s a constitutionally mandated document, by the way, but more importantly, why? 
What was in there that was so vile as to justify such an act? Nothing. So, why?
They hate us.
We say things they don’t like. The truth of our assertions is often admitted by them later. But at the time we say it, we are shouted down. Our speech is censored, which is colossally bad enough. But we lose our jobs. We lose our income. We are called the nastiest of things.
And when it’s proven they have censored us, do they apologize? Are they mortified as they should be? Do they swear to amend their ways?
No. They want to keep on doing it. Why?
Because they hate us, and hating us is not only O.K., it is good. Indeed it is the height of morality. It is good to hate us.
Our problem is that we do not fully realize this. We have only recently even begun to contemplate the truth of this, and we are in shock. 
We should be. They are like demons possessed.
What they don’t realize is that in hating us, they are hating themselves, too. They are cutting the branch we all sit on. But they insist on it.
An example is the withdrawal from Afghanistan. To withdraw is one thing. To withdraw so as to weaken us (giving up that strategic airfield near China, giving up so many weapons, deserting our own citizens, not informing our Western allies that also had troops there) is another thing. 
And none of this was even marginally necessary. None of it. Did it weaken and endanger us? Yes, and they do hate us, so we should learn to expect this. But it weakened America for all for them, too, but they don’t care.
Indeed, they don’t care at all. 
So to think some last-minute consideration of self-preservation shall stay their hand is folly. Remember, they do not only hate your kids, they hate their own, too. Indeed, they hate America.
This is completely different from the way things used to be. For instance, in the Civil War there was an Issue. It was fought over and decided. And, to the great and profound credit of both sides, once it was over, it was over. The sides could then get along, since they were united in so much else.
That was yesterday. Today, they even hate the word, “American.”
Consider the beautiful American federal system, with fifty states being able to have fifty variants concerning most political policies. Prior to the Roe v. Wade decision, each state could adopt the policy choice it wanted concerning abortion. Several were very liberal. Each state could do as it wanted to, and the laws were easy to modify. 
But the Left could not abide this, and forced Roe v. Wade, a decision that had no constitutional basis, down everyone’s throat. 
There is no live and let live. No where to run, nowhere to hide. 
You must say what they wish to be said, and only that. We know now that they used the government and social media to enforce this. It is ghastly, but it means nothing to them, since censorship is good. 
They will not leave you alone. They demand compliance, not only in word, but deed. You will wear a mask and like it, you will not go to church, you will not visit the sick, you will not travel, your business will be shut down, you will not require election integrity. You will have no fun and you will not complain.
This is not a cultural war. It is a fanatical religious frenzy bent on extermination of the heretofore unsuspecting, that is, of us, who are considered heretics. Even though it is not we who have changed our beliefs.
What will happen? Are we doomed?
The future is not written in stone. It may go bad, very bad; even apocalyptic.
It may not. So many incredible things have happened recently, and much depends upon unpredictable changes of heart and attitude. Much of human life is built up on things we barely understand, and we know a lot less than we think we do. That is why principles are important, to guide us through the mess. That is why the American system of governance was so wonderful, because it was built on such principles applied to government.
Yet while indeed incredible things have happened, like with the billionaire buying that social media company and revealing what we had said all along must be the case as being so, or with Ukraine unexpectedly fending off the attacker and destroying the heart of its army, nevertheless one often thinks a ‘short sharp shock’ is necessary to be brought to bear upon the Left in order to start a rollback. 
Or perhaps in order for things to turn around, our own ranks have to grow to some certain number, of those who understand, among other things, that they hate us.
One thing is certain. This is not a friendly tug of war. It has been to date a raiding party on their part, descending upon a barn dance. 
As we await the future, we must at the very least keep this firmly in mind, even though it is far more comfortable to imagine otherwise. 
Tadas Klimas, the author of several books, is a former U.S. intelligence officer awarded the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement (NIMA). He also was a law professor and at one time was Chief Legal Counsel to the Speaker of the Lithuanian parliament, first Chief of State of the Republic of Lithuania, Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis.
Image: Pixabay / Pixabay license
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