The prisoner swap of the century, for all the wrong reasons

The incompetent Biden administration decided to show how "benevolent" it is by proposing a trade deal with Russia, an adversary of the United States.

You would think this deal would unimpeachably benefit our nation.  However, nothing that the Biden administration has done has been salutary for the United States.  In this given "trade," Joe Biden offered Russia one of its most effective arms dealers, Viktor Bout.  For those not aware, Viktor Bout was imprisoned by the United States in 2011 on the grounds that he was threatening American lives.

One would imagine that the United States would be getting an asset, too.  Perhaps a Marine held hostage by Russia?  So whom did the United States get in return?  Well, we got a WNBA player by the name of Brittney Griner, who was imprisoned several months ago on drug charges.

Griner has been vocal about her disdain for the United States.  In fact, during several of her inferior games, Griner infamously decided not to stand for the playing of the National Anthem.  The anthem is something everyone should stand for; it represents the sacrifices that thousands have endured in order for us to be free.

Personally, I was content with Griner being in Russia.  After all, she hates our country.

One might call my perspective "nationalistic."  I would say it is, unapologetically.  

Do you think President Trump would have allowed this calamitous deal?  Absolutely not!  Under Trump's administration, we would probably have gotten Griner and several of our veterans in Russia, without giving Russia anything in return.

This should tell you everything you need to know about the Biden White House.  This administration is not concerned about you or your family.  This "prisoner swap" was simply a means of Biden trying to show how "worthy" he is of your vote.

Rambling Joe must be so proud of himself, standing up to Russia.  It was such an auspicious idea to give Russia a notorious thug, whose nickname is the "Merchant of Death," while bringing back someone who despises our great country.  Viktor Bout will now continue to threaten American citizens, and Brittney Griner will continue to publicly disdain the United States.

All the Democrats want is to feel good about themselves.  "Look at us!  We are such nice people."  But the truth is, they are exacerbating the security and well-being of our nation.  Twenty twenty-four can't come soon enough!

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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