The drag queens’ dirty little secret: Their lack of talent is intentional

Thanks to Libs of Tik Tok, we can all get glimpses of what passes for entertainment in the world of drag queens: strutting, writhing, and coyly obscene chit-chat as they crudely mock actual women. None of the performers whom Libs of TikTok highlights as they make exhibitionistic displays at schools, libraries, or “family friendly” events has any discernable talent—and that’s actually important. A significant part of leftism is to destroy aspirational beauty and is about getting us used to the brutalist ugliness of the world here and now.

The Judeo-Christian religions are aspirational. They urge us to a higher level of conduct because we have embraced a Being greater than ourselves, one who sees inside our souls and judges us for who we truly are. In that divine court, you put your best foot forward. This is why they so often achieve great things.

Whenever you walk into a pre-modern church or stare at a pre-modern painting depicting a religious subject, you are seeing the artists and craftsmen putting their best efforts into creating something of beauty. They are celebrating the uplifting of their soul and attempting to put into tangible form the glory of the divine. Even during the squalor of the medieval era (filthy, violent, and filled with pain), medieval men built cathedrals of dazzling, overwhelming beauty.

That’s not leftism. Leftism is secular. Spiritual uplift is forbidden. The whole point of leftism is to get people to embrace ugliness.

We live in a world that, thanks to modern technology, can be clean and shiny, but we’re encouraged to embrace filth, squalor, despair, pain, and violence. In other words, the cities filled with pathetic remnants of humanity drugging themselves into a stupor on fecal-laden streets are not an accident. It’s part of the plan. The same is true for crime, litter, graffiti, etc.—this is what leftism wants you to recognize as the reality—the only reality—of life.

In the sexual sphere—including getting kids hooked on sex even as they disconnect them from their core self-identity—the same is true: Endless, demoralizing pornography is available at the touch of a button. But that’s the secret, private stuff.

The public stuff is the gender madness. The kids are dazzled by their classroom’s brightly colored flags, their teacher’s wildly dyed hair, and the drag queen’s glitter but, behind all that lies ugliness and incompetence.

As Exhibit A, I give you the drag queens—ugly, awkward, and lacking any objective appeal or talent and, again, that’s the point. You will be made to like them. You will applaud their embarrassing, debasing performances. You will clap:

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can push back against the dissolute horrors of the left. If we bring care and beauty to the ordinary in our world, we are actively engaged in the fight against the totalitarian brutalism being forced upon our children and us.

Image from Libs of TikTok.





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