Biden complicity in the drug trade: A clearer and more present danger

The film Clear and Present Danger, based on Tom Clancy's book, was made in 1994.

It featured wide-scale government corruption, and aside from that corruption that we all thought was a fictional creation of Clancy's, a major part of the story is the illegal drug trade — from Colombia, in this incarnation.

The set-up is that a friend of the president is murdered on his yacht, along with his family.  It turns out that the friend of the president laundered money for a Colombian cartel but skimmed off the top to the tune of $650 million.  So the cartel killed him, and they want their money back.

Surreptitiously, of course, the secret powers within the government put together an off-the-books military group (think JFK and Vietnam 1963) to go to Colombia and put a stop to the drug-making and drug-selling operation in order to quash the story that might harm the president.  Naturally, that does not go well — best laid plans and all. 

Enter good guy Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford), a CIA operative and the one of only two good guys, James Earl Jones being the other.  Jones plays Ryan's boss.

Ryan as the CIA operative is in the dark as to what's happening, for a while, until he's not.

Then he tries to fix things and the film unfolds as we've come to expect.  Many people die, some of them the good military guys who believe they are on a righteous mission, which they are, sort of: to blow up the drug operation, which they do.

But the bad guys kill for money and sport, so other good folks die as well.  Clancy knew of what he wrote; the drug cartels of 1994 were extremely organized and as murderous and diabolical as they are today.

And yet, here we are!  It's 2022, and the Biden administration is virtually in business with the drug cartels of Mexico and submissive to China, which, in league with the cartels, manufactures the fentanyl they transport into the States.

Since Biden took office and opened the border to all comers, the drugs — heroin; cocaine; and, tragically, fentanyl — are flowing over the southern border like a tidal wave.

What else is streaming over the border?  Unaccompanied children who are assuredly being trafficked in this country with the Biden administration's full knowledge.

Bottom line?  The powers that be in our government have never really wanted to stem the flow of drugs into America.  Trump wanted the cartels to be designated terrorists, but he got no support for that move — none.

It should be clear to all Americans by now that the "administrative state" likes things the way they are.  They know that the fentanyl comes from China as surely as they know that COVID was and is a bioweapon.  But Biden won't even address the issue with China, nor will any Democrats in Congress.  They are all on the wrong side and have been for decades.  Perhaps they are all as compromised as Joe and Hunter Biden.

What else explains their doing nothing but planning for and exacerbating the border invasion from day one of this administration?

Do they care about the destruction of our border cities or how the influx of so many migrants into every city in the country is altering the lives of law-abiding Americans?  Of course not.  The elites of the D.C. uniparty have become a bevy of Marie Antoinettes, whether or not she ever actually said, "Let them eat cake.

The Mitch McConnells, Liz Cheneys, Chuck Schumers, Nancy Pelosis of the swamp know, or believe, that the crimes they quite literally promote will never touch them or their bank accounts.  The attack on Pelosi's husband, if that's what it was, was an aberration, a deviation from the scheme that she never saw coming from inside the bubble she inhabits.

The corruption of our government, no matter which party is in power, is undeniable.

From the assassination of JFK to the open invasion by migrants from all over the world — criminals, pedophiles, rapists, drug-dealers — to the treasonous strategies to destroy Trump, it is just more overt now.

The radical left controls the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, and DHS.  We must admit now that each of those institutions is corrupt and should be defunded and disbanded.

Do the Republicans have the guts, the will, to do that?  No.  As long as cowards like Mitt Romney and his fellow quislings sit in the House and Senate of Congress, we are toast, victims of a regime as tyrannous as Stalin's or Xi's.

Given what we've learned about Twitter's abuse of its social media power and its capitulation to the will of the Biden regime, we are very nearly a police state.  This bunch wants, and fomented, the war in Ukraine; wars make them rich, and this one may get bigger and more dangerous.  This bunch mandated lockdowns and vaccines to that end.  Once serious folks have the time to get through the newly released JFK assassination documents, we are likely to learn more about our government's lethal corruption of long standing. 

In 1994, the Clancy film seemed like terrific fiction, like a James Bond thriller.  Little did we know then how true and prescient it was.  The war on the drug trade is an utter failure, probably by design.  A hundred thousand people die each year now of fentanyl overdose, nearly twice the number that died in the entire Vietnam War.

Does Biden even talk about this genocide?  No.  He's letting it happen, making it happen.  He's a tool of China and in partnership with the cartels and the sex-traffickers.  He is handing over thousands of unaccompanied children to suspicious, unvetted NGOs.  And why is he so certain that his agenda cannot be stopped?  Because too many of them are in on this ongoing criminal enterprise.  If this were not true, every Republican member of Congress would be screaming from the rooftops and the Capitol steps that it must all stop.  But they're not.  They are complicit.

Clancy's film (like countless others) should have been a wake-up call, a dire warning to us all.  Instead, it was just a preview of what was to come, what is here, what is now much, much worse.  The Biden administration is an evil entity, and the Republicans in Congress are aiding and abetting its crimes.

Obviously, they should not agree to a dime of spending unless the border is closed.  We shall see if the new House majority has a spine and a moral core.  I am not holding my breath.

Image: Jorge Láscar via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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