The Balenciaga scandal may help educate the apolitical

I never post on Facebook, but I maintain my account, partly because Facebook failed to cancel it despite my request, partly because I still enjoy seeing my friends' children grow up, and partly because there are a few amazing Facebook groups I follow.  One of them, which is a forum for classic 20th-century clothing, is exposing naïve people to the Balenciaga scandal.

The assiduously apolitical group to which I belong is called FASHION OF BYGONE DAYS (1900s–60s).  The group is extremely popular, with 247,400 members.  People submit images from photographs, fashion spreads, and magazines.  (My favorites are the Edwardian era and the 1950s if you're wondering.)

A couple of days ago, someone posted this picture of a beautiful evening dress that Cristóbal Balenciaga designed in 1955:

The moderator did something unusual to that post, which was to turn off the comments.  However, it's easy to guess why the moderator had to lock down the comments streaming in: people who have been paying attention do not want to see anything that has the word Balenciaga attached to it.  The advertisements pairing children with bondage wear and explicitly showing Supreme Court cases about child pornography have disgusted people.

Image: Header from Fashion of Bygone Days group.  Facebook screen grab.

The reason that's an easy guess is because of a post one of the moderators put up today:

We at Fashion of Bygone Days are also offended by the fashion ad(s) that have recently been condemned for content.  We do not condone child abuse in any way.  Please remember that the photos that we approve for posting in this group are from 1900–1960s, NOT current.  The designer from that time period died in 1972.  There is no way we can say that he had anything at all to do with current ads.  Cristobal Balenciaga was a very well established designer and we will continue to approve posts of his designs.

As far as I'm concerned, that is a perfect statement.  It politely disavows the modern and reminds people that this is a historic forum, from a time when Balenciaga was untainted by what the fashion house is doing now.  Over 360 people seem to have agreed with me, judging by the "likes" and "loves."

Aside from admiring the way the moderator handled the issue, I find the comments fascinating.  Some people were perplexed by what was happening, and the same moderator briefly explained: "Referring to ads by CURRENT Balenciaga company.  Not Cristobal Balenciaga.  There is a difference.  As stated in this post.  We do not support or agree with current company and their choice in advertising."  Again, perfectly handled.

But of course, I, being a political animal, liked the fact that, one way or another, the word is getting out about the sordid things that are going on in today's fashion world, just like the sordid things going on in education, entertainment, libraries...

Most parents want to protect their children.  As more and more realize where the amoral nihilism of leftism is taking American culture, more and more of them will start standing up and protesting.  And as Martha Stewart used to say, "that's a good thing."

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