The Babylon Bee reveals the source of Kamala’s word salad ways

I agree that Vice President Kamala Harris has a unique and demented-seeming oratorical style. The public’s reception of her in-person wisdom is likely a prime cause of her 2019 withdrawal from her candidacy for president. Anyone would have wanted to avoid the inevitable public shaming the primaries would have brought her.

Nevertheless, I’ve often thought she sounded just like what she was—a mediocre prosecutor addressing the lowest common denominator jury pool. She consistently describes simple processes, uses repetition to pound home simple ideas, and sets up trigger words like those a prosecutor wants a jury to catch during trial testimony.

Compilations of Kamala’s juiciest public speaking moments abound. Fox News pulled together one a few months ago. There are lots more out there.

And now, at long last, The Babylon Bee has brought to light the truth behind the Vice Presidential utterances and her remarkable consistency. And a big hat tip to Twitchy for drawing attention to this remarkable piece of investigative journalism.

Here it is:

Just watch, laugh, and have a very good day.

Anony Mee is the nom de blog of a retired public servant.  

Image: Kamala Harris. YouTube screen grab.

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