Suddenly, Eric Swalwell is concerned about the state of Greg Abbott's soul

Rep. Eric Swalwell, who slept around with a Chinese agent until the FBI told him to break it off, and doesn't seem to practice any religion, has become quite the man of the cloth lately, pro-offering that God is a woman earlier, and now offering his unasked-for observations on the state of others' Christian souls:

There was also this retweet from Swalwell from the account of the vindictive little Democrat who doxxed his own campaign contributors:

Yes, indeed, he's got a bead on Jesus, with Jesus on the mind these days.

The revolting tweets were in response to news that three busloads of illegal aliens were dropped off at the front door of Joe Biden's so-called border czar, Kamala Harris.

According to the New York Post:

Three busloads of shivering migrants were dumped in front of Vice President Kamala Harris' Washington D.C. residence on a frigid Christmas Eve, according to multiple reports.

The buses, believed to be from Texas, dropped the asylum seekers off in 18-degree weather in front of the Naval Observatory, where Harris lives, late Saturday, according to 7News and CNN.

The outlets said the migrants were seen wearing only T-shirts or light sweatshirts in the freezing temperatures.

They were given blankets and put on another bus bound for a local church.

Since Harris is the border czar charged with finding the root causes of illegal immigration from Central America (never mind that foreign nationals from more than 100 countries now are pouring in), and since Harris refuses to go to the border to find out the answer to that mandate, it makes a certain amount of sense for someone to send the migrants to her — if, for nothing else, to assist her in doing her job.

As far as the freezing temperatures are concerned, it's freezing throughout the country (except where I am, San Diego, where the Christmas temperature clocked in at 80 degrees).  The temperature is irrelevant because it's cold virtually everywhere in the States, as it is in northern Mexico, where the migrants crossed in from.  In Juárez, the temperature is 29 degrees.  In Nuevo Laredo, it's 28 degrees.  In Matamoros, it's 33 degrees, barely above freezing.  Nobody forced these migrants into the U.S. without papers.  They came as they were and expected someone to pay for them.  Abbott, acting on behalf of the people of Texas, decided it wasn't going to be the Texans who paid this time.  They've already shelled out billions.  So the matter logically was dispatched to Harris, whose policies effectively invited them in.

To hear Swalwell talk about the Bible is, to recount a famous phrase, like hearing the word "love" from the mouth of a whore.

He doesn't seem to know a whole lot about it — that Mary and Joseph had traveled to Bethlehem in response to the Roman empire's command to return to one's familial city to be counted in the census.  Did Swalwell set up a census for today's illegals to respond to?  Don't think so.  Even a leftist judge's command that illegals be counted in the U.S. Census does not meet that standard, because nobody commands illegals to come, as Caesar commanded the Israelis to go to their familial cities.

As far as the flight from Egypt went, most illegals don't get messages from angels to flee their countries in dreams, due to mass murders of infants in their countries.  Not even hellhole regimes like Venezuela do that.  In the biblical story, Joseph was ordered by an angel to flee his country.  Joseph took Mary and the baby Jesus to the first country of refuge, which was Egypt.  Joseph had a real emergency and, like the Ukrainians running from Russian bombardments, went to the first country of refuge, any port in a storm, which is what real refugees do.  He didn't examine his options, wait for the best timing, cross multiple borders, and pay cartel members to secure his best economic opportunity in a country that already takes one million (legal) immigrants a year.  He didn't, like some of the Haitians coming in, take asylum in one country and then toss away his documents in order to get a better deal in the States.  He didn't country-shop.  He went to Egypt next door, and when it was safe to come back, he came back.

The whole Swalwell preach-fest smacks of Pecksniffian hypocrisy.  The idea that Swalwell could preach the Bible, identify the state of Greg Abbott's soul, and suggest who's a Christian and who's not a Christian, from a guy with a record of lies, immorality, and hypocrisy, is more than just passing rich.  It's Swalwell at his grossest, and his forked-tongue preaching stinks something fierce. 

Stay in your lane, Eric.  He who smelt it, dealt it.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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