Spending report shows Ronna and company blew millions to live like royalty

“Exceptionalism” is not a word you’d use to describe our politicians — on either side of the aisle — except in one area: the ability to spend other people’s money. Self-indulgence is an epidemic, but nowhere is that more obvious than in Uniparty politics.

Remember Piglosi’s ice cream haul valued at more than $24,000? Or, take a look at the menu for their state dinner just two weeks ago:

Butter poached Maine lobster, American osetra caviar, delicata squash raviolo, tarragon sauce, calotte of beef, shallot marmalade, triple cooked butter potatoes, sunchoke, and creamed watercress along with red wine reduction.

(What a strange reality that I’ve paid for these dinners a thousand times over, yet have never had the privilege of eating one myself.)

Just yesterday, RedState released an exclusive report, which detailed some of the 2021-2022 expenses of the Republican National Committee. Here’s the backstory:

Back in 2010, RNC Chair Michael Steele was heavily criticized and eventually lost his position because donors were angry about what they believed was luxurious spending on private jets, floral arrangements, chauffeur services, and member meetings in expensive tropical locales.

Despite Joe Biden’s economy and three straight cycles of election losses, the RNC’s big-spending days are back with a vengeance.

Fair warning, your blood is going to boil. According to the report, some of the expenses listed were:

  • Luxury Travel: $1,364,211.46

  • Private Jets: $505,909.43

  • Home Improvement & Decor: $165,978.51

  • Entertainment: $75,739.29

  • Clothing Retailers: $64,141.13

  • Spa & Cosmetics: $7,532.98

But that’s not all:

According to FEC filings, since 2017, the RNC has spent:

  • $3.1 million on private jet services

  • $1.3 million on limousine/chauffeur services

  • $17.1 million on donor mementos

  • $750,000 on floral arrangements

  • $80,000 in alcohol-related expenditures

Additionally, RedState found:

Nearly $400,000 has been spent on event tickets… including $30,000 for a private box at a Las Vegas Raiders game, $13,000 for Broadway shows, $9,400 at Madison Square Garden, and $43,000 at TopGolf locations in Texas, Nevada, Virginia, and Maryland.

No wonder we lose, we’re fighting the Democrats with a dull knife!

As RedState also noted, much of the spending outpaces the Democratic National Committee!

With a Republican Party like the one we’ve got, who needs Democrats?

Image: DonkeyHoteyCC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, unaltered.

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