So now Sam Brinton has been accused of stealing a second ladies' suitcase at a second airport?

Self-aggrandizing "non-binary" Sam Brinton, who's "serving" as the Biden administration's Department of Energy's deputy assistant secretary for spent (nuclear) fuel and waste disposal, has been accused of stealing another suitcase from another lady at a second airport, according to the New York Post.

A Biden energy department official who allegedly stole a woman's suitcase from a Minneapolis airport in September has been accused of another luggage heist at a Las Vegas airport.

A felony warrant on grand larceny charges was issued for Sam Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the Department of Energy's Office of Nuclear Energy, 8 News Now reported Thursday.

Brinton, who made history as one of the federal government's first gender-fluid officials, allegedly stole luggage from another traveler at Harry Reid International Airport in Vegas on an unknown date, according to the outlet.

Details about the alleged theft are scarce, but 8 News Now stated Brinton, 35, was charged with grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000.

The news follows an earlier report that Brinton stole a woman's suitcase from the Minneapolis–St. Paul airport's baggage claim, slipped the name tag off and put it into his purse, checked it into a hotel, told the cops he took it by mistake despite not having checked any bag at all and having no business at the baggage claim carousel, and then failed to return the suitcase or its contents when given that chance, claiming that he had left the clothing behind in the hotel, which hotel staff said didn't happen.  After that, he was filmed wheeling the same luggage on a return trip from Europe the following month.

Well, now he's accused of stealing a second bag, apparently in the same manner as the first.

It's disgusting, and it raises questions as to how many times he's done this now that it appears to be a pattern.  This being Brinton, this sounds like some kind of "fetish" for possessing stolen women's clothing, quite possibly to sniff the underwear, or something utterly gross of that nature.  It's strange stuff that he claimed not to possess the clothing and therefore couldn't possibly return it.  What did he do to it that made it so un-returnable?

This guy obviously can't control himself.

Yet because he's a self-proclaimed "non-binary" individual, and of course "a first," which is paramount in the Biden administration (run by an insecure old white man with a racist past), Brinton somehow passed a background check and got a security clearance of the highest order, even as the disgusting details of his many perversions, which include crimes now, roll out.

Who let that guy in, and why is he still on the job even as charges like this start to flow out?  Does the Biden administration ever vet its officials, let alone get embarrassed about anything they do in their off hours, or is this the new normal?

At a bare minimum, it shows the extent to which the Biden administration does not vet its team members for basic things such as self-control about stealing others' possessions.  A Department of Energy whistleblower has already alleged that there were "hiring irregularities" in bringing this guy on at DoE which ignored this guy's actual background and behavior in the name of producing another "first" for the Bidenites: the first "openly gender fluid individual," as Brinton puts it.

Now he's a running embarrassment yet still taking a six-figure paycheck, because he is who he is.  He apparently steals ladies' luggage whenever the urge hits him, and the Bidenites don't signal any signs of care.

Now the lawmen are taking over, and if their cases are good, they will slap Brinton into the pokey for felony theft, removing him physically from his Biden sinecure since the Bidenites won't do it with a pink slip.

Why is it that it takes a beat cop to protect the American people from ethically challenged freaks like this instead of the Biden administration?  Brinton is a poster boy of for the Bidenites and their ethics.

It shows just how far they morally have fallen.

Image: Yahoo! Life video screen shot via YouTube.

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