Shocker: ABC's Martha Raddatz finds a way to blame Republicans for Biden's open borders crisis

"What I would do as president is ... make sure that ... all those people are seeking asylum ... immediately surge to the border. ... We're a nation who says, if ... you're fleeing oppression, you should come."

Joe Biden to Jorge Ramos. September 2019 Presidential Debate

Now that the election is over and the Democrats are no longer campaigning for political office, what passes for our "news media" (AKA the Democrat Party Propaganda Unit) has condescended to report on the crisis at the U.S. southern border with Mexico. 

Unfortunately, they have not yet managed to find the integrity or fortitude to talk about all the dead bodies there (a record of 823 in the past 12 months — and that does not count those who died marching through the Darien Gap upward through Central America, or those we don't know about) because that would be a real bummer for the Democrats.  Needless to say, however, the media's temporary newfound openness signals that they are trying to find new creative ways to blame Biden's border crisis on the Republicans. 

ABC's Martha Raddatz, always eager to do her bit for the cause (the Democrat party cause), in a discussion with Texas governor Greg Abbott, came up with a novel storyline to blame the Republicans for Biden's deliberate border crisis.  Raddatz claimed that since she never heard Biden say that the southern border is open, but since many Republicans like Gov. Abbott had stated that the border is open, the illegal migrants would not even know the southern border is open except for the fact that the Republicans told them.  Apparently all those illegal aliens streaming across the U.S. southern border wearing Biden T-shirts or thanking Biden for inviting them heard about our open southern border from Republicans who oppose an open border!

The first point one must make here is that Raddatz's factual claim is, of course, false.  During the presidential debate with Trump in 2016 Joe Biden said that when he is president "all" the asylum-seekers should "immediately surge to the border. ... [They] should come."  "All" of them?  Really?  How many billion is that Martha, and who is going to pay for them?  Being a "news" media talking head and, therefore, apparently possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of everything that Biden has said about the border, Raddatz apparently felt under no obligation to check the facts on what Biden had in fact said, because that would require some actual work. 

Second, Raddatz's "logic," so to speak, is spellbinding.  

For it suggests that the only way to stop the chaos at the southern border is not to criticize Biden and the Democrats for their open border policies — a result that is remarkably convenient for Biden and the open-border Democrats. 

Raddatz, not evidently being a rocket scientist (in fact, a university dropout), holds that since criticizing the destructive consequences of Biden's open border policies that Biden himself announced in his presidential debate causes the chaos at the southern border, the Republicans should not criticize her Biden and Democrats!  Or, putting the conclusion slightly differently: "Republicans shut up!"  George Orwell, or, to be more precise, INGSOC, would be proud!

One must remember that this is not, so to speak, Raddatz's proverbial "first rodeo." 

On an ABC panel discussion on Election Night 2016, when it became clear that her beloved Democrat Hillary Clinton would lose to Donald Trump, Raddatz, who had been one of the debate moderators in 2016, said she "questioned what ... Donald Trump ... would do about Syria and his understanding of military policy and civilian/military divide.  I don't know that he really has a plan for what he's going to do there."  Naturally, being one of the media talking heads and, therefore, having come to regard herself as an authority on all sorts of subjects that she had never studied but for which she had memorized all the usual Democrat talking points, Raddatz lacked sufficient capacity for self-reflection to realize that she was thereby exposing her prejudices against the Republican presidential candidate whose debate she was supposed to "moderate."

 As it turned out, Trump's handling of the military during his four years in the White House worked out quite well.  Trump is the only one of the last four presidents, including Obama the Great, who has not had to watch Russia invade a neighboring country.  And Trump was supposed to be Putin's puppet, or at least that was the Democrat-media storyline.

Furthermore, unless I missed one, and I don't think I did, the nuclear war that the Democrat-media authorities worried Trump would cause never happened during Trump's presidency, although, under Joe Biden, who all the usual talking-heads lectured us is the most experienced foreign policy candidate ever, people are now warning about the real possibility of a nuclear war involving Russia.  In fact, of course, Joe Biden has the worst foreign policy record ever.  One wonders if these geniuses need to see a couple of mushroom clouds over some country before they manage to achieve a minimal capacity for self-reflection, although one has to wonder if even that would do it.  We already know that if it happens under Biden, it will be blamed on someone else, most likely Trump. 

But Raddatz went farther on that panel on election night 2016.  Apparently choking back tears, Raddatz, along with George Stephanopoulos, one of ABC "News"'s main Clinton propagandists worriedly tapping his pen in the background for special effects, announced "that Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine, who has a son in the Marine Corps, said he wouldn't trust Trump as commander-in-chief.  That's a pretty extreme thing to say; if you have a son in the Marine Corps, and that you don't trust the commander-in-chief."

Breaking news!  Stop the presses!  Tim Kaine, Hillary's vice presidential pick, the guy on the Democrat team running against Trump, does not have nice things to say about Trump as the commander-in-chief over his son in the Marines!  It's not as if Kaine, who was just then learning that Mike Pence, not himself, would be be the next vice president, had any ulterior motives for smearing Trump.  That certainly couldn't have anything to do with it, right?  Quite surprisingly, however, Kaine's son in the Marines was not harmed or put in harm's way under Trump's four years in the White House. 

Imagine that!  Did Raddatz and Kaine issue Trump an apology for the smear in 2020? 

It is no wonder that according to recent Gallup and Pew polls, the American people, by substantial margins, do not trust what passes for our "news" media to report the news fairly and believe it is to blame for the political divide in the U.S.  The American people deserve a real, unbiased news media, not a never-ending series of transparent cheerleaders for the Democrat party.  Unfortunately, most members of the "news" media do not appear to have sufficient self-reflection to realize how foolish they look.  Or, perhaps, they do realize that, but, unlike the peasants who are actually expected in their jobs to get things right, they are so well paid to shill for the Democrats that they simply don't care.

Image: Walt Disney Television via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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