Sam Bankman-Fried incarcerated in notorious institution that’s ‘not fit for humanity’

We all wondered why Sam Bankman-Fried wasn’t in jail — well not really, we knew it was because he had friends in high places — but now, he is. Convenient timing too, as noted by crypto journalist Sebastian Sinclair:

Sam Bankman-Fried was expected to field questions from Congress about the FTX debacle on Tuesday, but that was before his sunset arrest.

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that SBF is currently locked up in the country’s notorious “Fox Hill” penitentiary, a facility known for its particularly distressing environment. According to the article:

Several studies in the last two years found that the prison was infested with rodents and maggots, sexual assaults were prevalent and drugs were easy to come by[.]

One prison officer said in 2019 that violence is so prevalent at Fox Hill, inmates refuse to leave their cells to shower[.]

Ummm, is it just me or does that sound exactly like Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco? Or for that matter, any big city under the thumb of Democrats or leftists in general? Take a look at some recent headlines:

Rats running through Liverpool street as residents tell their ‘horror stories’

Rats everywhere and a sex offender in the bathroom [Manchester]

There’s going to be bodies everywhere’: Why S.F.’s streets are about to get even grimmer 

Stabbings on rise in NYC during surge in major crime

What do all those cities have in common? Gee, I wonder?

Remember when London’s Sadiq Khan said terrorism was “part and parcel” of living in a big city? Yeah, sure, when there are idiot leftists in charge!

The Daily Mail piece went on, saying:

A US State Department study on the prison found that… ‘Sanitation was a general problem… Prisoners in maximum security had access to sanitary facilities only one hour a day and used slop buckets as toilets.’

Yet, isn’t a bucket actually better than right on the sidewalk?

Furthermore, the article’s writer referenced a 2021 Amnesty International study, and stated that “suicides are common as mental health care for inmates is ‘virtually non-existent.’” But wait, under Canadian communists like Trudeau, suicide is now considered a “treatment” option for those suffering from mental health crises, and access to suicide is “care”, so what’s the problem?

Despite the obvious heaviness, SBF maintains his humor, or maybe he’s just “being extra” (he is a millennial after all): he cited “veganism, depression and dependency on medication” as a reason for house arrest. No plant-based protein and no pharmaceutical cocktails?! The horror!

Sounds like Fox Hill just needs to hire a Democrat public relations firm, call the violence “equity” and the drugs “progress”, and they’ll have that reputation turned around in no time!

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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