Musk has some new Fauci-based pronouns that you are going to love

Elon Musk has dropped another major revelation, this time about Anthony Fauci, the shriveled, malevolent bureaucrat who is responsible for profoundly damaging the American economy, destroying Americans’ health, and putting Biden in the White House. However, if the response from the left to this latest news continues to be the same response with which it greeted earlier Twitter revelations, we may finally have the answer to that old philosophical question: If a tree falls in an empty forest, does it make a sound?

To date, the Twitter documents have revealed that Twitter was working arm-in-arm with the Biden campaign, the Democrat party, and federal law enforcement to silence conservatives, including the President of the United States, to amplify Democrats, and to stifle any factual reporting that would reflect badly on Biden. The government bureaucrats, by colluding with Twitter to silence political speech, were violating the First Amendment. Meanwhile, Twitter was committing a fraud on the public (and its advertisers) by using covert means and lies (including lies to Congress) to hide its conduct perverting free speech in America.

What’s become clear is that Musk, taking a page out of Andrew Breitbart’s and James O’Keefe’s book, is steadily escalating the nature of the revelations. This is a technique that sees a promised expose start out kind of boring so that leftists can say, “That’s not news,” or “You already knew that,” or “Who cares?” However, as the story ever so slowly gains traction, the conservative outlet begins to produce more serious material highlighting gross misconduct.

Image: Anthony Fauci (edited). YouTube screen grab.

Thus, the first Twitter revelations were that Twitter was biased. Big whoop, said the collective media. Then the revelations started piling up about shadow banning, deliberately political silencing, bias, government collusion, and the failure to address pedophilia on the site.

Now, Musk is foreshadowing that the next big Twitter news break will be that Anthony Fauci engaged in truly illegal conduct, presumably by allying with Twitter to stifle any tweets that challenged his narratives about lockdowns, masks, potential treatments (e.g., hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin), and the efficacy and dangers of the vaccines:

When asked more generally about Twitter’s role in manipulating America’s response to COVID, Musk promised that there was a big rollout coming:


However, there is a small problem: To date, the mainstream media have refused to write about these revelations. They are pretending that they don’t exist. Also, to date, the Biden administration, acting through Merrick Garland, has made clear that the only crimes it will investigate are those flowing from January 6.

So, if blatantly corrupt and criminal activity is revealed through uncontested evidence, but the media refuse to inform the American people, and the Department of Justice refuses to act, was a crime really committed? The Democrats are hoping the answer is “no,” and that they can walk away and pretend none of this happened. We must hope, therefore, that the American people themselves will inform their fellow citizens about the corrupt, illegal, and unconstitutional alliance between the government and Big Tech, and that their cries for justice will force the Biden administration to act.

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