MSNBC writer upset the media failed to prevent the election of new GOP Congressman

Published today at MSNBC, Dean Obeidallah penned an article lamenting the sorry state of affairs that led to Republican George Santos’ election to Congress in a New York district:

George Santos, a Republican from New York recently elected to Congress, is truly a self-made man in that he apparently made up a biography to run for office. It appears that almost nothing Santos said about himself during his 2022 campaign is true, and on Thursday, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that her office is ‘looking into a number of issues’ regarding Santos and his candidacy. But perhaps the most alarming thought is that such an apparent fraud was able to win a congressional seat in part because local newsrooms have either been shut down entirely or decimated by consolidation and layoffs.

Obeidallah was referencing a scathing report published a few days back by The New York Times, accusing Santos of fabricating histories and pointing out odd inconsistencies in the elected’s story — allegations which Santos plans to address next week.

According to a piece over at RedState:

If what the New York Times has reported about the alleged holes in Santos’ telling of his story is accurate… then a lot of people have some major explaining to do.

But here’s the funniest part, as noted by Sister Toldjah:

In response, Politico deputy managing editor Sam Stein (formerly of HuffPo and Daily Beast infamy) took to the Twitter machine Thursday to inquire if there had ever been a situation on par with Santos’ (alleged) made-up history.

‘Is there any precedent at all to this George Santos situation?’ Stein asked, seemingly insinuating that there hadn’t been. ‘Has Congress ever had someone with so many remarkable biographical holes?’

Well… yeah, Sam, there has been. You may have heard of him. His name? Joe Biden – happens to be president right now, you know?

How does that old phrase go? Can’t tell the players without the scorecard? Well, Tom Elliott brought receipts, and meticulously cataloged Biden’s outright lies and convenient “mistruths.” See below:

“— Survived a fire

— Arrested in civil rights march

— Star football player

— Once a truck driver

— Arrested meeting Mandela

— Son killed in Iraq

— Overheard mass shooting

— Top of his class in college

— Hit a 368’ homer in baseball game

— Had job at timber co.

— Drunk driver killed his wife & daughter

— Pinned medal on a Navy captain who was just a kid

— No knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business dealings

— Turned down offer from the Naval Academy

— His uncle won a Purple Heart

— His helicopter in Afghanistan “forced down”

— Met Parkland families as vice president

— Was once a coal miner

— Comes from a family of coal miners

— Was shot at in Iraq

— Called Milosevic a “war criminal” to his face

— Criticized George W. Bush to his face

— Participated in sit-ins during civil rights movement

— Oil industry somehow gave him cancer

— Won a fight against a drug dealer named Cornpop

— Dead Amtrak worker awarded him for riding 1.8 million miles

— Attended Temple services on a Sunday

— Raised in Puerto Rican community

— Worked as a college prof”

A congenital liar occupies the White House, but how many mainstream outlets produce blistering reports on the outrageous falsehoods listed above? The sad state of affairs is not the fact that propaganda outlets have less staff, it’s that journalism as a whole has absconded from its role as unbiased reporting.

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