Most reporters are shills for Democrats, and the latest string of news proves it

It is impossible to fathom how anyone could possibly think that Kamala Harris had a fabulous year.

It appears that a WaPo writer believes she did because she went to some international meetings and talked about how important abortion is.  It began like this:

Kamala Harris had a most excellent year

The vice president is finishing a banner year filled with domestic barnstorming and high-wire diplomacy.

By Jonathan Capehart

One of her main jobs was border czar, and she clearly did nothing in two years.

The border has gotten worse, and not just worse, but the worst it's ever been.

The White House talking points say this is the Republicans' fault because Biden suggested an amnesty bill when he took office.  House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer never introduced this bill, but somehow it is Republicans' fault.

On Christmas Eve, Texas's governor, Greg Abbott, sent around 100 illegals up on a warm bus to Harris's residence in Washington, D.C.  They were picked up in a few minutes and taken to a church.  Somehow, the media and other Democrats described this as cruel and un-Christian-like, despite the temperatures in Mexico being just about as cold as those of the country these illegals came from illegally.

Meanwhile, Biden's policies leave thousands freezing on the streets of Texas and stranded in crowded unsanitary shelters.  This is not described as cruel.

Which is crueler?  Sending people to a sanctuary city, which says it wants illegals to come, or looking the other way for two years as hundreds of thousands come in each month, many shipped in by criminal cartels?

Why did the media show the people standing on the street for a few minutes in D.C. and not show the suffering in El Paso or the suffering inside Mexico at its border?  It was about as cold there as it was in Washington.  The record cold was all over.

The answer is that they only care about politics, not the people.

They also rarely mention all the deaths or rapes at the border, which indicates they don't care.

Anyone who is bragging about Kamala, with no achievements and whose word salads are incomprehensible, should not be a reporter.

Then we get the entire editorial board at the WaPo saying how great White House medical adviser and consummate health care bureaucrat Anthony Fauci has been.

Seriously, they wrote this:

Anthony Fauci's legacy might be impossible to replicate

He was better at the job than anyone the United States has seen before.

By Editorial Board

They clearly don't care how much he got wrong.

First, he said COVID wouldn't be a problem in the U.S.  Then he said don't wear masks before he told us we must wear masks.

The CDC and Fauci also lied that the virus would easily spread off surfaces, made up the six-foot social distancing standards based on nothing, and forced millions to waste millions on worthless Plexiglas barriers.

Fauci and others also discouraged an investigation of the Wuhan lab, calling it a disproven conspiracy.  That was an intentional lie.

The damage to the economy and children based on dictatorial edicts was massive.  How many deaths were caused because of suicide or failure to get screenings because of the dictatorial edicts?

Why would the WaPo or anyone else tout Fauci's success when he got so much wrong, caused so much damage, and can't seem to recall much of what he did?

Fauci said 'I don't recall' 174 times during deposition about collusion with social media

The media and others are properly outraged and investigating Southwest Airlines for their flight cancelation fiasco.

Why aren't they as outraged at Fauci, the CDC, and others for the trillions in damages they caused with dictatorial edicts that were not based on science?

It appears that the seasonal flu has peaked this year.  It did not go down because of masks, social distancing, or shutdowns.

Flu activity in the U.S. continues to decline after early surge

It declined cyclically and naturally, as it always does.

How many kids and others have become sick this year from RSV because the lockdowns blocked them from getting natural immunities?

We can see why government is so dysfunctional and why we are so broke when supposed journalists cheer a 4,000-plus-page budget that few had read as a great legislative achievement when passed by a lame-duck Congress.

Two hundred thirty members of Congress didn't even show up in person to vote.

Why would retiring members of the Senate, such as Richard Shelby, Jim Inhofe, or Patrick Leahy, deserve millions in earmarks?  I also saw this headline here:

For Republicans, it's going to be a fabulist year

Here are a few stories that the media ignores while campaigning for leftist policies:

Pelosi's failure to secure the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, despite warnings.

The collusion of FBI and other government agencies with social media outlets to interfere in elections.

The Biden family corruption.

All of Biden's lies as he rewrites his history and résumé.

An overstatement of jobs by one million.

Fed overestimates second quarter job growth by over 1 million jobs

Why would the media bury this if they want the Fed to stop its interest rate increases?  The answer is that it makes Biden look bad.

The WaPo decries the lack of local reporting, but the real problem is the WaPo, the New York Times, and other outlets, which intentionally spread misinformation to interfere in elections and to promote leftist policies to remake and destroy America.

Image: Pexels, CC0.

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