Migrants in the cold and somehow, only Greg Abbott is to blame

As tens of thousands of illegal border stream on in into the U.S. and get waved through by Joe Biden's officials, the press is making a big deal about the record low temperatures the migrants are encountering.

Here are the kinds of headlines seen:

Denver asking for federal assistance as influx of migrants continue to rise ahead of frigid weather -CBS News

Migrants near US border face cold wait for key asylum ruling -Associated Press

The press, though, is reserving special opprobrium tof Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, who transported three busloads of the migrants inundating Texas to border czar Kamala Harris's mansion in Washington, D.C.

More migrants dropped off outside vice president’s home in freezing weather on Christmas Eve -CNN

Democrats rip Gov. Abbott over Christmas Eve migrant drop off near VP Harris’ residence in record-cold temps -Fox News

Texas buses more migrants to Washington, D.C, on a cold Christmas Eve -Fronteras

How to show Greg Abbott and other Grinches the true spirit of Christmas -Baptist News Global

They are pretty well going to town with this "record cold" stuff, using it to portray Abbott as a heartless bastard, even though the bus trips were voluntary, the buses themselves were heated, and alternative seems to have been to let the migrants sleep in the streets of border cities such as ice-cold El Paso, which is what a lot of the 10,000 who rolled through that city this week, are doing.







(Note: Migrants have been reportedly crawling into the U.S. through the sewers in El Paso, which may explain why some are unvetted.)



Seems the press claims "compassion" for the migrants only if Greg Abbott puts them on a bus to some other city.

Never mind that with shelters full, and the domestic homeless populations being shut out of them, federal officials are doing the same thing, dropping off busloads of the incoming migrants in places like San Diego (which is the only warm spot in the country) now. News reports say that San Diego's shelters are now filled to the brim, too.

The whole approach is dishonest, because the migrants are coming in from Mexico, which is also experiencing record-cold temperatures. Whether the migrants stay in Mexico, cross illegally into El Paso, or volunteer to take a heated bus to Washington, D,C, they are going to be cold no matter what.

Let's once again look at what the temperatures are like in Mexico's border cities right now, checking Accuweather. As of this writing, we have:

Matamoros: 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nuevo Laredo: 43 degrees.

Juarez: 38 degrees.

Piedras Negras: 37 degrees.

Nogales (Mexican side): 43 degrees.

Accuweather notes a dramatic warmup in the past day. It should be noted that night time temperatures all drop dramatically by about 10 or 15 degrees.

Let's look at what these same temperatures were on Christmas eve, when the rage about Abbott was going strongest:

I checked Accuweather yesterday and found these temperatures in my piece here:

Juarez: 29 degrees.

Matamoros: 33 degrees.

Nuevo Laredo: 28 degrees.

So logically speaking, the migrants would be just as cold if they stayed in Mexico as they would if they crossed over illegally into the U.S. They might be more likely to get a free coat, a free meal, and a free bus right here, but that is the only difference.

Left unsaid is how it could be that migrants who can pay smugglers thousands of dollars to cross illegally into the states somehow not remember or have the resources to buy a coat. Coats are perfectly available for purchase in northern Mexico, and they aren't expensive there, so the failure to plan must be part of the belief that Uncle Sam will pay for everything when they get there. When I travel to a foreign country, I pay attention to what kind of clothing I will need and certainly don't expect my host country to pay for my hotel. The migrants? Not so much.

Which brings us to the real source of the problem: That Joe Biden has created this humanitarian crisis by inviting the migrants in through his policies, and creating great expectations for full care -- transport, food, warm clothing, medical care, education, and housing, all free of charge, with incoming illegal border crossers not even charged fees for seeking asylum. It's all free and who wouldn't take 'free'?

That's the root of the crisis and why we now see migrants sleeping on the streets of El Paso, being dumped by the Border Patrol at San Diego County bus stops, purchasing plane tickets in San Diego for flights out and waiting at the airport for the flights to resume, or transported by bus to Kamala Harris's mansion gate. 

Biden invited them in, Biden tell the American people that this is all seasonal and spontaneous or else because global warming, and he fails to use the tools he's been given to only allow in those who have likely valid asylum cases, taking all comers instead, the vast majority of whom are looking for a better life, and a certain number of whom are criminals who can't get in the legal way. 

Now we have a humanitarian crisis with the record cold, and Joe Biden's press minions are trying to blame those trying to call it to Joe Biden's attention. Biden can't even be bothered to visit the border, claiming as he has that he has "more important things." Tell that to the people freezing in the cold who were enticed by Joe to come on in.

Image: Screen shot from KVIA ABC-7 video, via shareable Twitter

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