Merry Christmas, Kamala — love, Texas

Kamala Harris received a Christmas gift from the great state of Texas.  As the clock struck midnight, and December 24 became December 25, Kamala Harris looked outside her window, encountering three busloads of illegals.  Based on Harris's record as the "border czar" for Joe Biden, and her statements on illegal immigration, she should be very happy that the illegals were brought close to home.  For Kamala, this was a magical Christmas indeed!

The New York Post reports, "About 110 to 130 men, women, and children were let off near the Naval Observatory in temperatures that hovered around 15 degrees on Saturday night, Christmas Eve."  The Naval Observatory is the residence of the vice president.

If the illegals were suffering from the cold weather, why didn't the vice president let them into her home?  How immoral.

Soon the charlatan media will say that Governor Greg Abbott is such a horrible person for playing politics with the lives of illegals.  However, the one at fault is Kamala Harris.  Harris and Joe Biden are directly responsible for the argosy of illegals pouring through our southern border, and yet they keep saying that our border is "secure."

Then came the attacks.  "White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan called the bus drop-offs a "cruel, dangerous, and shameful stunt."  A stunt?  Where was the White House when the illegals started crossing the Rio Grande into Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and other states?  Of course, the White House was very quiet.  Since Biden and Harris don't live in any of the border states, illegal immigration is not a problem.  Remember when Florida governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegals to the utopian paradise of Martha's Vineyard?  The liberal Karens began to cry and complain about how immoral DeSantis is.  Yet no one ever hears them complain when thousands of illegals show up out of the blue in Texas.  All of a sudden, crime goes up.  I wonder why.

Harris has yet to comment on the matter.  Yet one can suspect she will start saying contumacious things about Governor Abbott and how "racist" he is.  Indeed, this is how the left operates.  If you disagree with leftists, you're a misogynistic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist bigot.

The migrants who were dropped at Kamala's home were mainly from South and Central America.  The trip took two days from Texas to Washington, D.C.

This marks the second time Greg Abbott has sent illegals to the V.P.'s home.  In September, Abbott had sent two busloads of illegal migrants to Harris's home and continued to do that through the fall.

As pressure mounts to end Title 42, illegal immigration will only get worse, jeopardizing the lives of Americans.  Recently, Abbott sent a letter to Joe Biden, stating, "This terrible crisis for border communities in Texas is a catastrophe of your own making."  Indeed, this is true.  Under President Trump's policies, we had a secure border; we were a sovereign nation.  Now, under Joe Biden, we have become a sanctuary country, housing illegals, and treating them better than our own citizens.  As a result, crime has soared, and Americans have felt financial burdens, in the name of "morality."

All in all, the United States is no longer a sovereign country.  We defend other nations' borders, yet we refuse to defend our own.  The impact this has on American lives is devastating.  There are a fentanyl crisis and soaring crime.  Harris and Biden are at fault for the mess our country is in.  They say the border is "secure," and they call us conspiracy theorists.  However, the moment you send a couple of illegals near their homes, they cry wolf and complain about how "immoral" Republicans are.  In the end, their only trait is being immoral.

Image: Nick Rice.

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