Leftists play themselves: aside from the volatility and destruction, things are going well

This morning on the Today Show, White House doctor and Covid-19 “response coordinator” Ashish Jha was asked about the shortage of children’s medicine. He said there is plenty of supply, but demand is just too high. The hosts on the Today Show didn’t seem to have a problem with such a stupid answer, as they breezed on without even taking a moment to consider the absurdity of his statement. Why is this man treated as an expert on anything?

Using Jha’s “logic”:

  • Last year there was not a shortage of baby formula, there were just too many darn mothers wanting to feed their hungry babies.

  • There will not be a shortage of heating oil this year, there will just be too many people wanting to heat their homes.

  • The economy is doing fantastic, if only real wages hadn’t been dropping for two years straight. 

  • The border is closed and secure, there are just too many illegals wanting to cross.

  • The Biden policies are working well; conservatives are just racist.

  • Crime is under control in major Democrat run cities; there are just too many criminals on the streets.

  • The Afghanistan exit went perfectly well, if not for the deaths, and weapons left behind for terrorists.

The media personalities that allow Jha a pass on his contradictions are the same people that have done little (if any) reporting on the outrageous collusion between government Swamp creatures and the leftwing activists at Twitter to squelch bad press on the Biden family corruption. They were not outraged that Trump and other conservative voices were silenced. They didn’t care that respected and renowned members of the medical community were banned from a social media platform for daring to offer alternative views on the Covid-19 narrative, or disagreeing with governments dictatorial edicts.

Yet, they are very ticked off this morning, as several of these leftwing “journalists” have had their accounts suspended for sharing Elon Musk’s real-time location, which comes on the heels of a balaclava-clad man following a vehicle which was carrying Musk’s son at the time. (News flash, doxxing isn’t journalism.)

They are walking contradictions, and they’re driving the country into the ground.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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