Kari Lake wins one small victory in court in her bid to overturn election fraud in Arizona

Against tremendous odds, Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Arizona in the last midterm, has won a small victory in the courts in her lawsuit against the outcome of the Arizona governor's race.

It was definitely a surprise, and a welcome first step towards getting to the bottom of what appears to have been a positively filthy rigged election.

According to the Washington Examiner:

judge in Maricopa County, Arizona, has approved Republican Kari Lake's requests to inspect some ballots before the trial in her challenge to the Arizona gubernatorial race results.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson issued a ruling Thursday that approved three of Lake's four demands for inspecting random ballots from the county.

The three types of ballots Thompson approved Lake's team to review included 50 random "ballot-on-demand" printed ballots that were cast on Election Day, 50 random early ballots cast from "six separate Maricopa County batches," and 50 random ballot-on-demand printed ballots that were marked as spoiled. Lake's request to inspect 50 random early ballots from ballot envelopes was denied due to state law, per the judge.

 I don't know what she will find, but the fact that her lawyers wanted to look at these things suggests that they already know that there was something there to find.

The real "tell" though, came from the other side, which had a complete cow about the decision, fighting tooth and nail to keep the judge from allowing it. 

Here's their nasty toned objection, as reported by the rather biased AZCentral, which slants its report to favor the Democrats:

Kari Lake's claims that Arizona's gubernatorial election was rigged are built on "rank speculation" and "cynical mistrust" and should immediately be tossed out, a lawyer for Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs told the court.

Rather than rely on verifiable facts and empirical data, Lake is taking a haphazard, kitchen-sink approach that fails to demonstrate fraud and malfeasance necessary to overturn an election under Arizona law, Alexis Danneman said in a motion filed Thursday.

"Kari Lake lost the Governor’s race to Katie Hobbs by 17,117 votes," Danneman wrote. "In the face of this insurmountable margin, Lake brings a sprawling election contest, alleging everything from cyber hacking to Twitter mischief to intra-Republican warfare — all in an effort to sow distrust in Arizona’s election results."

Danneman told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson that Lake failed to meet the narrowly defined legal threshold to challenge the election: misconduct by elections officials, ineligibility of her opponent, bribery, or illegal or erroneously counted votes.

Broken ballot-counting machines on a wide scale in Maricopa County, that demanded a twinkle-toes dance from voters that many may not have been able to do, and a secretary of state who not only runs for office but counts the ballots, too, amid dirty voter rolls that hadn't been scrubbed in years, and these clowns think anyone questioning that election is full of "rank speculation" and "cynical mistrust"?


Their yelling about the matter would make anyone think that maybe they've got something they don't want the court to know about. A secretary of state who ran a clean and honest election, with no rigging, just fairness to all candidates, should be delighted to open the books and show all her good work. Somehow, Lake's rival, Arizona's secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, who "won" the governor's chair despite Lake being 11 points ahead in the polls, doesn't want to do that.

Instead, she and her lawyers are busy hurling invective at voters, such as this beaut:

"And none of those voters were prevented from casting a ballot by the Defendants, but instead each chosenot to vote because the declarant decided that waiting in line or visiting a different polling place was a greater inconvenience than the value they placed on voting that day," lawyers wrote.  

Tell that to the little old lady leaning on her cane waiting in the hot Arizona sun, who's already been standing in line for several hours, that she can now go find to some distant voting place in some neighborhood she's never heard of, or maybe an unsafe neighborhood, or one that requires paid and parallel parking on crowded city streets, to vote there (if the station has balloting machines that aren't broken, too) and see if that's a matter of "inconvenience," as these dirtbag lawyers argue. Speaking of 'cynical.'

Right there we see the contempt they have for voters, particularly those they suspect of voting for Kari Lake. Notice also that they left the incompetent who failed to ensure working voting machines (read: Katie Hobbs) completely off the hook. Broken machines, schmoken machines, every machine gets broken on election days when the Democrat in the contest didn't debate or campaign, it seems.

It's entirely disgusting, and if Hobbs were operating on the up and up, she'd gladly have ensured working voting machines as well as allowed full inspection of the ballots.

Instead, her minions are insulting voters and she's out there effectively plagiarizing Joe Biden of all people, by suddenly calling for unity and moving on in her Twitter feed, a call that voters in the comments section clearly weren't fooled by.



The voters weren't fooled, and now, neither was the judge. 

Kari Lake is entirely justified in seeking the overturning of the country's dirtiest election, given that other elections have been overturned by judges for far less. This one's got to be redone, with a free and fair system in place with no naked conflicts of interest. Will that happen? No idea. There could be shenanigans ahead in just the inspection of the ballots, but for now, score one for Kari Lake, it's a long road uphill on this, but she got through the first hurdle.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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