Kamala Harris berates the press for not praising her 'strong leadership'

Kamala Harris is a mess as vice president, as a border czar, and as everything in between, but now we learn something new about why she's such a disaster: she's got delusions of grandeur.

According to the New York Post:

WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris complained this week about poor media coverage — during a friendly interview with a Washington Post columnist — moaning that the press doesn't focus on what she called "the strength of my leadership."

"There are things that I've done as vice president that fully demonstrate the strength of my leadership as vice president that have not received the kind of coverage that I think Dobbs did receive," Harris told Jonathan Capehart, referring to the June 24 Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade and returning the question of abortion to the states.

"What you've been able to see," the veep added, is "based on what gets covered."

What on Earth can she be thinking?

Harris's most important publicly given role, that of Joe Biden's border czar, has seen the illegal entry of five million aliens.

She has yet to visit the border in any serious way (there was an airline stopover in El Paso on the way to home in Los Angeles that amounted to nothing, done only in response to President Trump's visit to the unguarded border) along with one trip to Guatemala and Mexico, where she famously commanded would-be illegal border-crossers, "Do not come, do not come," which they promptly ignored.

This is strong leadership?  You tell foreign lawbreakers not to come, and five million of them...come?  And another two million are expected to break in in the coming year?

Something suggests they aren't listening to her, because, well, they don't fear her, and they don't see any point to going along with what she says. 

It says something that Harris has not been invited back to Guatemala; she remains persona non grata in El Salvador; and nothing constructive is coming from Harris's efforts, if there are any, in Honduras.

More significantly still, Harris was cut out of the action on Mexico, where a huge, Cabinet-wide conference was held between the two countries' chief Cabinet officials in 2021 to discuss illegal migration.  Harris didn't get asked to come.

Strong leadership?  Really?

Maybe she should take a look at that record before whining to reporters about all that "strong leadership" she wants to slath all over them.  Capehart, as the Post notes, is a fawning flatterer who tried to claim that Harris was successful at swanning around the country speaking out in favor of abortion in wake of the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, while also successfully warming a seat at the Munich Security Conference in early 2022, which was followed by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  Seems Harris didn't scare Putin out of it, did she?

So much for leadership, let alone strong leadership.  This is a stupid fool tossed on the seas of happenstance, because she doesn't have any idea what to do in her current job.  Joe Biden, who's no slouch himself on the crappy leadership front, calls her "a work in progress," as the Post noted.

According to Fox News, the Bidenites still aren't sure about whether she is still the border czar at all.  She does word salads.  She refuses to read her briefing books or study the facts put in front of her by staff to prevent gaffes.  She can't keep staff.

Biden has so little confidence in her abilities that he's now running for president again, a ridiculous thing to everyone who can see his failing faculties and growing senility, and he's completely supported by other Democrats.

No Republican wants to see this incompetent in any position of power, and it's telling that very few Democrats do, either.  Give power to a fool, and watch the disasters unfold, as Joe Biden has shown us already.  Give power to an utter imbecile with delusions of grandeur, and there's no telling how bad the disaster can get.

Now she's whining about it, Oprah-style, and making an even bigger fool of herself than she has already.

Image: Screen shot from video from The Independent via YouTube.

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