It matters when Democrats call Elon Musk a 'white nationalist'

The mainstream media and other Democrats erupted into a volcanic temper tantrum on the day Elon Musk announced he would take over Twitter, and the lava just keeps flowing.  One of the preferred charges is that Musk is a "white supremacist."  We've become inured to seeing leftists throw this insult around, but we shouldn't be.  It's a terribly damaging slur, and, if untrue, the media should face consequences for using it indiscriminately.

Wajahat Ali's tweet following Matt Taibbi's revelations regarding Twitter's close relationship with the Biden campaign and the Democrat party is a perfect example of the hatred raining down on Musk:

Matt Taibbi...what sad, disgraceful downfall. I swear, kids, he did good work back in the day. Should be a cautionary tale for everyone. Selling your soul for the richest white nationalist on Earth. Well, he'll eat well for the rest of his life I guess. But is it worth it?

Other outlets have made the same general charge, although they've avoided directing the phrase "white supremacist" at Musk himself, opting for guilt by association.  Thus, Vice NewsThe Daily Beast, and HuffPo all implied in one way or another that Musk is a Nazi.  Outside the media, Kathy Griffin and Jamaal Bowman both accused Musk of being a white supremacist.

It's time for the Democrats to get "woke" on calling someone a "white nationalist."  It is a serious charge.

Of course, there are genuine "white nationalists" like Nick Fuentes, but why does Ali get away with flinging the term at Elon Musk without facing serious repercussions if, in fact, Mr. Musk is not a white supremacist?  (And he's not.)

Image: Elon Musk.  YouTube screen grab.

Kanye West's career was utterly destroyed (rightly so) for falsely saying that Jewish people conspiratorially control important institutions around the world.  That was a charge meant to defame an entire race.  In the same way, calling a person a "white nationalist" is meant to cause that person extreme damage.  People stuck with that label lose their careers, are socially ostracized, and generally see their lives ruined.  Even suicide is a real possibility.

Despite that (or perhaps for that reason), Democrats, including those in the corporate media, use the slur (directly or indirectly) like a heat-seeking missile, firing the weapon at targets which whom they disagree.  The accusation is not meant to illuminate, but rather to eliminate.  And they know it.

Indeed, just as Kanye did, these Democrats use a racial slur against Elon Musk with the full knowledge that the bigoted accusation is meant to harm his credibility.  They know exactly what they are doing.  The really troubling aspect is that Democrats get away with it because challenging them is even more expensive and destructive than just accepting the charge.  Even getting a lawyer to litigate the challenge may be impossible because the media will destroy the lawyer, too.

Facts, of course, are irrelevant.  Is Elon Musk, in fact, a "white nationalist"?  Do these Democrats even know what it really means to be a "white supremacist"?  If Elon Musk is a white supremacist, then please explain.  That would be real news.

Mainstream media outlets and individuals are being stupid, mean, and bigoted when they call someone like Elon Musk a "white nationalist."  But they do so because they must destroy him for using Twitter to express opinions that the Democrats oppose.

Let's be clear about one thing: Democrats, whether in the media or not, are neither liberal nor progressive.  They are in the business of controlling speech.  It is an utterly false notion that they are fighting some noble cause.

They want us to believe they are making our country "safe" and inclusive.  They want us to believe they are Making America Cuddly Again.

But the spin is sinister.  Big business wants to control speech, so Americans don't ask difficult questions.  Period.

Accusing someone of being a "white nationalist" should be done with great care and discernment.  Otherwise, the slur quickly gets diluted and ends up being nothing more than a rote insult that gives a pass to the real bigots and racists.

In today's world, we have reached the point where folks who express nonconforming views on climate change are "white nationalists," as are parents who are uncomfortable with schools talking to their very young children about gender.  Indeed, it's really no longer a secret that, for years, the Democrats' long game has been to tag all republicans as "white nationalists."

The important point is that Democrats, whether in the media or not, should be held accountable, including through legal action, for targeting people with racial slurs simply because they disagree with their opinion.

Stephen Ryan is a YouTube creator operating Mystic Post TV, which has over 76,000 subscribers and averages over 1.2 million views a month.  Mr. Ryan is also the author of The Madonna Files.

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