Is a manmade global famine in the works from the UN and WEF?

So did World Economic Forum arch-villain Klaus Schwab mean "peace of the grave" in his masterplan for a global "reset" when he declared: "You will own nothing" and "You'll be happy about it"?

Sure looks like it, given the facts painstakingly assembled by the Issues & Insights editorial team, hypothesizing that the great resetters like Schwab and all his greenie allies might just have creating a global famine in mind as their actual goal.

In a lead editorial titled "The Elites' War on Food," which asks in its subhed: "Are we in the early stages of a man-made global famine? -- the gist of the argument is that the various measures being taken around the world to assuage global warming all have the funny effect of lowering food production, intended or not, and with so much evidence piling up that these are known effects, the 'intentional' aspect of this cannot be dismissed.

Most by now have seen reports that Dutch officials are closing as many as 3,000 farms in the Netherlands, the world’s second-largest exporter of agricultural products by value even though it’s only slightly larger than Maryland, to comply with crackpot European Union carbon dioxide emissions rules. It’s possible that eventually more than 11,000 farms will be shut down, and 17,600 forced to sharply cut their livestock numbers.

On our side of the Atlantic, the malefactors are also busy. Just the News is reporting that the Environmental Protection Agency is quietly quadrupling the regulatory cost of carbon emissions in a new war on fossil fuels, which is, of course, also a war on the food supply.

“If you think about the fact that they would impose this damage factor, let’s say on farmers, because it applies to fertilizer,” Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murill said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “Fertilizer emits nitrous oxide. So fertilizer is a big contributor. If every family farmer now is going to have to pay more to obtain fertilizer to fertilize crops that feed us, well, what’s that going to do to the price of food?"

Or, for that matter, the production of food.

The editorial lists seven disturbing activities and reactions to Western government actions affecting food supplies taken in the name of halting global warming -- from soaring energy prices, which hits food production, as well as food prices; to the new movement to force consumers to eat bugs, an unnatural and repellent food which early evidence suggests may be actually toxic for humans. They're turning productive farmland into ecologically protected conservation areas in the states, and initiating intricate rules for farms in the E.U. and Canada which will decimate farming itself in those countries.

Issues & Insights notes that all of these lunacies are happening at the same time, with some think tank observers wondering if these acts are being coordinated by the United Nations and Schwab's WEF.

Remember that wave of billionaires buying up U.S. farmland? Funny how that's happening, too.

What's more, they are happening as the United Nations itself reports that global hunger is on the rise. What a coincidence.

As far as the WEF goes regarding news of the global rise of hunger, Issues & Insights notes this:

Which must tickle the innards of the coat-and-tie savages at the World Economic Forum, a truly vile organization that has made no secret of its concerns over a growing global population, and issued a warning earlier this year that “degrowth,” the shrinking rather than growing of economies, “might mean people in rich countries changing their diets, living in smaller houses and driving and traveling less.”

If only the WEF were some fringe group that had no influence. But it’s not – it’s a well-funded syndicate with an axis of powerful followers.

That's the problem, and the weirdos out there taking in grant money from the billionaire-fed foundations intent on ending the human race, are also proliferating. Last night on Fox News, a freak named Les Knight was featured as a silky smooth "gentle" operator whose straight-face agenda was ending the human race to save the planet. Fox host Laura Ingraham had a good segment on that, viewable here.

Also, The Atlantic laid out another zoo full of leftists with the same greenie agenda, plus the transhumanist wackjobs in the mix. 

We are seeing human achievement erased in the name of defending the planet as greenie vandals desecrate priceless artworks with flung food -- soup and potatos and the like -- a war on food combined with a war on human excellence, that ultimately, amounts to a war on human existence. 

The second thing that ought to raise flags is that we already know what greenie policies do -- in test-case countries such as Sri Lanka, which banned synthetic fertilizer for food production in the name of going green and organic, saw food prices shoot through the roof, saw farm production collapse, and suddenly the capital was on fire and the president was fleeing to another country. The country was decimated by greenie policies, imposed from the multilaterals and the Sri Lankan elites.

That's what greenie policies do and there are several other candidates for this Sri Lanka famine effect in the pipeline which may see similar results -- including Pakistan, and others. One wonders what Joe Biden's meddling in Indonesia's coal production based on a recent G-20 meeting, pledging billions in an attempt to shut it down, will do to that country's food supply. Indonesians tend to react badly when their energy costs go up, I saw that in 1997-1998 in Jakarta, when the cooking oil prices shot up, and suddenly the capital was on fire and the dictator ousted - I still have the souvenir telephone pole fliers from it. And big chunks of cash have a way of disappearing in Indonesia. Just ask James Riady.

Having been to Sri Lanka, I saw the poorest people I've ever seen anywhere on earth on those tea plantations, and their poverty in good times was frankly terrifying, so imagine what it became after Big Green took over.

Here's the latest showing the disaster that has happened:



 Countries collapse on these green policies, and we know that and the naivos among us can learn that. But not the United Nations, nor the WEF. They are bulling full speed ahead, pressing Canada, the U.S. and Europe to adopt the same kinds of policies that turned Sri Lanka into a failed state. The locals do indeed have nothing, but they sure as heck were not happy about it. We can't speak for the starved and dead of course, but that seems to be what Schwab has in mind.

Read the whole thing here.

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