In many ways, Ukraine and the US are melding into one country

Ukraine’s hot war requires that it get $100 billion in American aid, which includes an extraordinary amount of American weaponry to which Biden has now added the Patriot missile system, a weapon that is a red line for Putin. Despite this, Ukraine’s government has had the time to focus on what’s really important: LGBTQ+ rights. That’s just part of a symbiotic relationship that sees the U.S. and Ukraine looking more alike every day.

The online publication, LGBTQ Nation, was incredibly pleased with the news out of Ukraine—not news about successfully repelling Russia, of course, but news about LGBTQ+ rights:

Ukrainian lawmakers recently passed a bill that would ban hate speech and incitement based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The media regulation bill was unanimously approved on December 15.

“It’s a big step for Ukraine, to start adoption of our legislation to European values,” Olena Shevchenko, chair of Ukrainian LGBTQ and intersex rights group Insight, told The Washington Blade. “We hope our government will recognize LGBTQI people as equal as soon as possible.”

In August, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated his support for same-sex civil partnerships and potentially same-sex marriage.

The U.S., of course, has a First Amendment that, technically speaking, allows people to say mean things about the LGBTQ+ cadre if those words don’t explicitly violate the law. However, thanks to an academia-incubated idea called “stochastic terrorism,” if leftists can claim that speech creates an intellectual environment that will encourage wackos to commit violence, they can then argue that the speech runs afoul of the First Amendment and can be banned. The left regularly claims that critics of the LGBTQ+ cohort’s laser-like focus on schools are stochastic terrorists. The clear intent is to silence them.

Image: The real American flag is unfurled in Congress. YouTube screen grab.

That’s definitely a melding of Ukrainian and American values, but there are other growing similarities:

For example, Ukraine silences political dissidents, with Zelensky suspending 11 political parties and imprisoning political opponents.

America also silences political dissidents, with the FBI dictating what cannot appear on social media and the FBI and DOJ bending most of their resources to hunting down and imprisoning anyone who dared get near the Capitol on January 6. The current government initiative is to turn President Trump into a felon.

Another thing that Ukraine does is to shut down disfavored religions, as is the case with Zelensky’s edict that the Russian Orthodox Church is henceforth banned in Ukraine.

Although again hampered by the First Amendment, America is also trying to destroy disfavored religions. The most obvious efforts involve demanding that people of faith pay for abortions or provide their skills to same-sex weddings. America also wages a relentless war against religious symbols in the public square, enacts policies destroying the family, which is central to the Judeo-Christian tradition, and teaches children that there is no such thing as the sexual binary, another concept that’s not only central to the Judeo-Christian tradition, but also to reality.

The similarities don’t stop there. Take infrastructure, for example. Ukrainian cities lie in burned-out ruins:

YouTube screen grab.

American cities also lie in burned-out ruins:

YouTube screen grab (Kenosha)

There are political similarities, too. It turns out that both Ukrainian and American politicians serve Ukraine’s interests:

Both countries are also places in which politicians get rich. Ukraine has long been known for being one of the most corrupt countries on earth, and Zelensky is a good example of politics being the road to wealth. He went from being worth about $2 million before becoming president to an estimated $25 million now.

Meanwhile, our politicians have also become very, very, very rich. Indeed, Biden and the Clintons did it with help from Ukraine. The Ukrainian connection isn’t necessary, though, as we see from people such as the Pelosis and the McConnells.

Once, America was a leader, enticing other parts of the world to join it in liberty untainted by government corruption. Now it’s a follower, tagging along after every banana republic there is. (And for more on that, I highly recommend this Don Surber post.)

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