In a last act of inverted morality, Oregon’s outgoing governor commutes death sentences for criminals, but not babies

Oregon is (currently) one of the handful of states in the country that allows abortion through all the months of pregnancy, and for any reason. Democrats hold majorities in both legislative chambers, and the governor’s seat, and with their lax approach towards the sacredness of humanity, one which results in “unrestricted” abortion, they’re rightfully pinpointed and labeled as belonging to the “party of death” — but it turns out that’s not entirely true. More accurately, the Democrats should be noted as the “party of innocent death.”

In an article published today at The National Review:

Oregon governor Kate Brown said Tuesday that the state’s 17 death-row inmates will be spared execution and will instead have their sentences downgraded to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Democrats consistently signal they’ll gladly die on the hill of hardened and vicious criminals — Portland anyone? — so this move is completely expected; but what the governor had to say about the commutations will have your head spinning:

‘I have long believed that justice is not advanced by taking a life, and the state should not be in the business of executing people – even if a terrible crime placed them in prison[.]

This commutation is not based on any rehabilitative efforts by the individuals on death row. Instead, it reflects the recognition that the death penalty is immoral. It is an irreversible punishment that does not allow for correction.’

Well, if justice cannot be achieved by “taking a life”, then there is no such thing as “reproductive justice.” She just gutted her own faulty belief system, thank you Ms. Brown!

Next, “the state should not be in the business of executing people” — well then, I guess it’s time to divest taxpayer dollars from Big Abortion! From a report published this summer:

State law was updated in 2017 and… requires… state Medicaid to cover the procedure. A $15 million fund established by state lawmakers this year covers costs for abortion providers and patients without insurance coverage or traveling from out of state.

The fund also seeks to expand abortion access in Oregon’s rural communities.

Or what about the “Death with Dignity Act”? Physician-assisted suicide is legal, which means lawmakers and a governor (the “state” personified) took action, and involved themself in the “business of executing people”.

Her last statement, again, eviscerates her conflicting beliefs, as she claims the death penalty is “immoral.” If the death penalty is immoral, then the only consistent approach is that it’s always immoral, or, if it’s immoral when the recipient is guilty of a heinous crime, then it must be immoral if the person is blameless.

Though a Democrat espousing something categorically true is a rare sighting, today is our lucky day, and Brown ends with, “It is an irreversible punishment that does not allow for correction.” Execution is final, there is no undoing it, and when it’s a punishment leveled against an innocent person, it is perhaps the most egregious injustice in a “civilized” society.

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