Hakeem Jeffries warns of 'extremism' — but gets it all backwards

If questioning elections makes you an "election denier," then why does the media support Hakeem Jeffries to lead the Democrats in the House?  Isn't he a "threat to our democracy" and unfit to hold office?  See below:


Since his ascension, Jeffries said there is a "real risk" that "extremists" will hijack the incoming Republican majority.  But who are the real extremists in Congress?  It certainly can't be the Kevin McCarthys, who dine with Hunter Biden at dinners to encourage more spending for Ukraine, or the Mitch McConnells, who take FTX money, so who is it?

Although we've known all along that collusion among Big Tech, the Democrats, and the media exists, it's been highly suppressed, until Elon Musk blew a new lid off with the release of the "Twitter Files."  The Democrat party has been taken over by radical extremists, and the media and Silicon Valley have been right there running cover, colluding with the Democrats to point the finger at those on the right.

We keep hearing from "journalists" that Republicans have no plans for the economy or inflation — yet there is a plan!  Restore Trump's policies of lower taxes, fewer regulations, and energy independence.  Time and again, these policy changes secure a great economy with rapidly rising real wages for all races and very low inflation.

Democrats set out to intentionally destroy the industries that produce reasonably priced energy (petroleum, natural gas) as soon as Biden took office, and surprise: inflation began to skyrocket, and real wages have collapsed.

Republicans support the freedom of school choice, but Democrats would prefer that children be trapped in failing schools — a policy that overwhelmingly afflicts minority children.

Republicans support enforcing immigration laws passed in Congress with bipartisan support.  Democrats now call those laws "racist" and reward those entering our country as felons.

Republicans oppose lawless sanctuary cities and states, while Democrats support them, even as the crime rates skyrocket.  (Even residents of far-left Portland are done with the madness.)

Republicans believe that those indicted for vicious crimes should remain in custody.  Democrats advocate against bail laws and elect radical district attorneys who allow criminals to run free and terrorize the public.

Republicans believe in science and decency; men and women are biologically different, and girls should neither compete against men nor share a locker room.  Democrats don't believe that girls deserve privacy.  (The newest SCOTUS justice can't even define "woman.")

Republicans support limits on abortion (like a majority of the world).  Democrats believe there should be no limits, and in the event a child is born alive during an attempted abortion, withholding health care is acceptable.  Interestingly, there are only a handful of nations around the world that support full-term abortion, and the U.S. finds itself aligned with China and North Korea.

Republicans believe in the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment — they believe that states should control elections.  Democrats believe in a tyrannical, overreaching federal government.

Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College and the filibuster, and to change the Constitution to stack the Supreme Court in their favor.

Republicans support right-to-work laws.  Democrats are against freedom of choice and believe that workers should be forced (by law) into a financial relationship with a union.

There's a reason that John F. Kennedy (a Democrat) wouldn't recognize his party today — because the platform has moved so far left that it has entered communist territory.  It's gone from pro-life and pro-American to pro-death and anti-American (among other things).  Yet the only reason a Republican from the sixties may not recognize the modern GOP is because conservative values are quickly diminishing, thanks to the McCarthys and the McConnells.

Image: The White House, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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