Get ready for another 2.6 million illegal border crossers in 2023

You'd think that after two years' of open borders and some five million illegal border crossings, the Biden administration would finally recognize that its open-borders policies are popular among the world's foreign lower middle classes -- and unpopular at home. The Democrats' loss of the House and the great red wave hitting traditionally Democrat southern Texas ought to have been a clue.

Well, no.

According to Breitbart News, illegal border crossings are expected to be higher than ever in the coming year:

President Joe Biden’s “wide open” United States-Mexico border is expected to see 2.6 million border crossers and illegal aliens apprehended next year, a new analysis projects.

For 2021, Steven Kopits with Princeton Policy Advisors accurately projected that about two million border crossers and illegal aliens would be apprehended. By this year’s end, Kopits projects about 2.3 million will have been apprehended. These estimates do not include the hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, who will successfully cross the southern border.

If you build it, they will come, and Joe built that open border, admitting all illegal crossers who could say the magic word "asylum" which means "open sesame" in the language of illegals. All asylum cases, no matter how meritless, remain cost-free to apply for, all claims taken at word, and all migrants will be provided a foothold in the states that makes anyone waiting in line to emigrate legally into some kind of sucker for law and order. The Biden order is everyone into the gringo pool -- good, bad, ugly, and completely horrible. The contents of Venezuela's prisons being emptied out for the states couldn't be happier. "You're all welcome here," as California's former governor, Jerry Brown, used to say.

What's more, the illegals have even less chance of being deported on entry than they had been in the past based on Title 42 COVID restrictions, an act which saw just a small portion of the migrant waves see deportation. As of December 21, nobody gets deported for that, no matter how much coughing and sneezing they may "contribute." 

Along with online asylum applications reportedly in the works, and the Biden administration's very questionable sleight of hand of questionable legality, making all comers into "legal parolees" with the right to work in the states, it doesn't take long for the border to start filling with people at the Mexican starting line.

According to a second story in Breitbart News:

A senior source within Customs and Border Protection tells Breitbart Texas that the Department of Homeland Security is not engaged in any substantive planning to confront the expected surge in migration once Title 42 is lifted per court order. Meanwhile, the source says Mexican immigration authorities are already at work to dismantle migrant camps set up along the border.

The source adds that Border Patrol sector leaders have been instructed to prepare for a surge in migrant crossings by exploring additional detention facilities and working with non-government agencies to increase shelter space. The source says most of those resources along the border are already exhausted and warns the time given during a temporary stay in the court order was squandered.

Word is getting out, and at this point, illegal migrants now have more to worry about from Mexican authorities than they do from Joe Biden's authorities. The hotel facilities with room service and free laundry and diaper services in the states are being readied.

According to a 2018 Gallup poll, some 750 million people worldwide would like to leave their home countries permanently, with the majority of them eyeing life in the United States, in a figure amounting to 158 million people. That includes a quarter of Latin America, a quarter of North Africa and the Middle East, and a third of sub-Saharan Africa, three areas not famous for their human development.

For the United States, that amounts to many things, some good, a lot bad, and a lot downright illegal and intolerable.

According to a RealClearPolitics investigation, by respected researchers John R. Lott, Jr. and James Varney, a Swedish study has proven that there is a significant link between illegal immigration and violent crime, noting Sweden's sudden upsurge in violent crime traced to unassimilated illegal immigrants.

 RCI collected homicide data for the European Union from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for 11 years, from 2010 to 2020, and compared it to rising percentages of each country’s foreign-born population. Even after accounting for variations among countries, the data show that each one percentage point increase in immigrant population is associated with a 3.6 percent increase in the homicide rate 

That gives a clue to the U.S. what to expect of unchecked immigration in mass numbers that is in store for the states as millions of migrants flood in -- at a higher rate than that which inundated Europe. Some may argue that these illegal migrants were Middle Eastern migrants, and thus, this won't apply to the states. But are Latin America's notorious crime rates really much different? It might be actually worse. We know that at least in some quarters, the numbers are significantly worse.

It's worth reading because it's just one negative effect from Joe Biden's absolute refusal to enforce U.S. border law. The House should attempt to pass a measure making Joe Biden personally responsible and sueable for the crimes of any illegal migrant he allows in on his watch. That should whittle down his ill-gotten political fortune. But this is daydreaming. The incoming Congress needs to stop the incoming surge now, before that next 2.6 million gets in.

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