George Soros has an enormous, dangerous reach in the American media

George Soros, billionaire financier, leftist activist, and influencer, has extensive financial connections with global media, as shown in a Media Research Center study—with the unavoidable result that these outlets promote socialist ideological agendas. 

According to a report that Joseph Vazques and Dan Schneider wrote for the Media Research Center (“MRC”), Soros has connections with 253 global media organizations. That report, published in early December, may already be out of date because it does not seem to include the money he poured into a hard-left group that is on the verge of purchasing 18 Spanish-language radio stations across 10 different markets, giving them “access to one-third of the Hispanic population.”

MRC asserts that Soros can “mold public opinion on practically every continent” because of his donations and contributions, money that he claims advances his “open society agenda,” an agenda that is radical Marxist Socialist.  Open Society advocates for abortion, Marxist economics, defunding the police, lax law enforcement, open borders, aggressive (even violent) environmentalism, and LGBT activism.  

The report also correctly observes that Soros gets favorable treatment from those global media organizations and their journalists/reporters who know who their Daddy Warbucks is.  The result, as expected, is that targets other than Soros for investigation and criticism. 

Image: George Soros. YouTube screen grab.

The MRC report is just part of a planned 3-part series exposing Soros’s relationship with the international media. MRC believes that this information will explain why there is so much leftist international coordination on political reporting and advocacy journalism. 

The MRC report names some of the organizations involved in flooding news and opinion outlets with Soros’s money: The Poynter Institute received $492,000 to train future leftist journalists; openDemocracy received over $1.6 million to promote leftist reports; and, of course, NPR added $600,000 to its taxpayer-funded outlets to report the news with a leftist slant.

Money talks and pay-to-play are the watchwords of the media and politicians. Through his super PAC, Democracy II, Soros was the Democrats’ top donor in 2022, giving them at least $126 million.

Soros is also a notorious major contributor to anti-Israel causes. His Open Society Foundations also gave $220 million to Black Lives Matter-aligned organizations. That’s a lot of money for “rent a mob” and other activities that influence politicians and private corporations to accede to leftist pressure.  

Politics is war for Marxists/socialists, and hired guns and bullhorns are essential to moving opinion. To paraphrase the old Saturday night TV show Have Gun Will Travel, “have Soros bucks, will travel.”

John Dale Dunn MD JD is a retired emergency physician and inactive attorney in Brownwood, Texas.

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