FTX had a back channel with the White House

The Gateway Pundit reported a secret back channel between FTX and the Biden White House, shut down the day after FTX filed for bankruptcy.  In November, the Gateway Pundit also revealed that billions were sent to Ukraine from the U.S., and Ukraine invested some of the billions in FTX.  FTX then donated millions to Democrat (and some Republican entities) in an effort to curry favor and protection.

The back channel from FTX to the White House was reported by Politico.  The channel was facilitated by a Democrat operative and ally of Bankman-Fried, Sean McElwee.

McElwee kept an open Slack channel with reporters and the White House.  When the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York unsealed an eight-count indictment against SBF, it was revealed that the eighth count involved a political funding project through straw donors — money contributed by third-party parties who were fake donors.  Then the red flags and anxiety went up, and that resulted in the shutdown of the back channel to the Biden administration.

What was being exchanged?  Were contributions discussed and plans made trading favors, coordinating donations, support for candidates, political messaging?

All of these things developed in an environment where an audit of U.S. contribution to Ukraine is lacking and possibilities of misdirection of U.S. aid to Ukraine for unintended purposes are real.

Ukraine received billions and dealt with FTX, the White House was involved with FTX, and FTX donated millions to Democrat candidates.  Was anyone monitoring the back channel?  Maybe that will never be known, but the possibilities are intriguing.

John Dale Dunn is a retired emergency physician and inactive attorney in Brownwood, Texas.

Image via Picryl.

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