France bans domestic flights in adherence to agenda of global communism

The writing was on the wall as soon as the “experts” declared “two weeks to flatten the curve.” Some of us saw right through the scheme, while the less-astute did not. We recognized the move was one against freedom and prosperity rather than for our welfare, and knew it was not only for two weeks. We knew that if the ruling class was allowed to follow through with their “lockdown” agenda — the forced closure of private businesses, dictating who was “essential” and who was “non-essential” — then greater tyranny would follow.

However, “told ya so” is bittersweet.

Well, the next phase is here (like we knew it would be), and it’s the climate lockdowns. According to Gizmodo:

Short flights won’t take off across France anymore, so long as there’s an efficient train line that can connect commuters from point A to point B. In an aggressive effort to lower the country’s emissions, France has banned flight routes for locations where connecting train service would only take 2.5 hours or less.

According to Electrek:

France has received the green light from the European Commission to start cracking down on ultra-polluting short-haul flights within the country, starting with a ban on three popular flights from Paris-Orly Airport.


The new ban will be valid for three years [emphasis added], after which it will need to be reassessed by the EC.

‘This is a major step forward and I am proud that France is a pioneer in this area,’ France’s Transport Minister Clément Beune said in a statement.

Furthermore, EU climate campaigner Thomas Gelin referred to the move as a “baby step” but nonetheless a step “in the right direction.”

As a Swedish journalist noted:

Globalist bureaucrats like those at the EU, actually find themselves entitled to remove the ability for the common man to access convenient commercial air travel; all while they jetset by private plane. Klaus Schwab’s WEF pushes a dietary transition that would see us plebs eat crickets, while the elites fly in Maine lobster for state dinners with Macron, and Nancy Piglosi stockpiles $24,000 worth of ice cream in her luxury kitchen.

But it doesn’t stop there — global communism is on the move, and the sooner we learn that you don’t comply your way out of tyranny, the better.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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