Duplicitous media suggests a 'Republican Biden' for a GOP win

The headline read, “Trump and his MAGA political movement are done. Republicans need their version of Biden.”

Rex Huppke, who writes at USA Today, is clearly a shill for Democrats and their radical leftist policies. He obviously hates successful and popular policies, so he says Republicans need a leftist like Biden as our candidate. That is nuts.

Biden’s track record is nothing more than slush funds to buy votes and reward political supporters. (Some Republicans even supported one of these slush funds.)

Biden also said the Constitution wouldn’t allow him to forgive student debt, but did it anyway. The media and other Democrats don’t care about the Constitution, separation of powers, or the abuse of power when Democrats are guilty of violating the most grounding principles of the American system of government.

Biden, who can’t find his way off stage, who continually makes up stuff, and can’t read from a teleprompter is somehow called the adult in the room.

Per Huppke:

If we’ve learned anything from the past three national elections it’s this: Donald Trump and his ‘MAGA movement’ have nothing to sell but crazy, and Americans aren’t buying it.

Before you spend a moment thinking the party faithful are breaking towards sanity, consider this…: ‘By 2-1, GOP and GOP-leaning voters now say they want Trump’s policies but a different standard-bearer to carry them….’

No, no, no. Here’s a tip, Republicans. You don’t need a Trump-esque figure like DeSantis. You need your own version of Joe Biden.

Why wouldn’t Republicans choose a candidate that wanted to make America first, ready to restore policies that gave us low inflation, rapidly rising real wages, and energy independence. 

Trump made great efforts to secure the border.

Furthermore, for those who lament the current European conflict: Putin did not attack Ukraine while Trump was in office. He did though during Obama’s tenure, waited, then again with Biden.

Why would we want someone like Biden who has given us high inflation, dropping real wages, and policies that destroy energy affordability?

Biden has gone to great lengths to make sure the border isn’t secure; then continually lies, claiming the border is “secure.”

I would say the “crazy” people are the ones who would support the Democrat policies that are neither popular nor successful.

Why would anyone want an incompetent, corrupt person like Biden as their candidate? The man who raised Hunter Biden? Really? That’s sane?

Why would journalists support leftist politicians and their policies when statistics show the majority of people unhappy and distressed? A recent poll conducted by USA Today revealed that “two-thirds of respondents… say the country has gotten off on the wrong track.”

Well, because the journalists and the rest of the Democrats apparently live their lives in a fantasyland:

They pretend they care about Blacks by supporting “reparations” — but with other people’s money.

They pretend they care about Blacks but “expand abortion care.”

They pretend they care about education but prevent the poor and minorities from having the freedom of school choice.

They pretend they want women to control their own bodies yet will fire them if they don’t take a vaccine still currently in clinical trials.

They pretend they support women and privacy, but they make them compete and shower with biological men.

They pretend they can control the climate, so long as the poor and middle classes hand over more money. 

They pretend that they never tried to block election results.

When Trump was in office, they pretended they cared about the fallout of a fluid border: “kids in cages”, deaths, drugs, and human trafficking. As soon as Biden took office, they stopped pretending. They just went silent. 

For almost two years, most of the media, other than Fox, were virtually silent about the crisis at the border. Now they can’t hide it any longer.

Martha Raddatz of ABC flew around with Governor Abbott and instead of properly blaming Biden and his administration, she lied and blamed Trump, Desantis, and Abbott for “messaging”. 

What a crock. That is as big a lie as the Russian collusion story, saying that Biden family corruption was Russian disinformation, acting like everything Fauci said was based on science, and calling January 6th an armed insurrection.

When a journalist or other Democrat recommends a candidate for the GOP to run, just remember they want the GOP to lose. No matter how much they pretend to like Romney, McCain, and Bush now, they trashed them when they ran for president.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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