Does your government control you, or do you control your government?

Too much is happening, simultaneously, not to see a grand scheme leading to destruction — or, if a leftist, transformation.  The irony is that our form of government, called a constitutional republic, has been far more successful than their idea, called totalitarianism or communism, which has failed every time and in every nation that tried it.

Yet many are trying central control, again — not because it helps the citizen.  Quite the opposite: ccommunism helps the elite few who are in control.  Why would a free person give up freedom for control?  For safety, freebies, handouts, fear?  The question demands an answer.

The dividing line is stark: does your government control you, or do you control your government?

It gets confusing because members of our own party willingly join this central control crowd.  We have our own "big government" party members.  To make matters worse, we also have the less deep-thinking politicians who seek solutions through more government.  After all, like the left, they can pass a new law, write a new bill, make a new tax and pass it off as the solution.  This simplistic mentality only increases the control of an agency of the government over our individual liberty.

But they never look back on the consequences of their acts.  If they did, they would have to admit not only its failure, but the fact that their new law, their additional tax, their new spending program made matters much worse.  Further, every government program ever implemented takes from you, the creator of wealth through good work.  

Reagan got it so right: "Government isn't the solution, it's the problem."  He stuck to his principles, and the nation loved him for it.

First, though, Reagan had principles, clearly and often repeated.  Does the politician who seeks your vote and donation have principles?  Does he adhere to them in word and deed?  The answers to these two questions defines representative government, our constitutional republic.  Our solemn duty.


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