Did you think the Reagan Library was safe?

George Washington was known for his bravery and determination to be bold in the fight for freedom.  His legacy continues this effort as they guard against the infiltration of partisan political ideology at his heritage home in Virginia, Mount Vernon.  But other historical figures are not so lucky. 

Ronald Reagan, our 40th president, is best known as the conservative movement's most extraordinary champion of the modern day, and his library is a prized possession of Simi Valley, California.  Yet when you go to the list of distinguished board members, it reads as a who's-who of the far-left and globalist establishment. 

The original slogan of Ronald Reagan's campaign was "Let's Make America Great Again," a catchphrase that today is slandered by those in politics who oppose the tagline's intention.  Mark Levin said, "I campaigned for Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980.  I worked in President Reagan's administration for eight years.  I did not realize that Fred Ryan, now the publisher and CEO of the Washington Post, is also the chairman of the Reagan Library & Foundation board.  Now, given the Washington Post's leftist agenda and the conservative legacy of the great Ronald Reagan, this appears to me to be a huge conflict."

The son of the media mogul Rubert Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, sits on the board and is an openly vocal rival to the movement, despite being the heir of the Fox News dynasty.  This slanted perspective of the board can be seen in the selection of guests welcomed by the revered library.  A notable guest was Liz Cheney, who was ousted from office by the current populous MAGA movement in Wyoming and was seen as a controversial guest at the library.  

 The opponents of this crusade have taken the time to insert themselves in the conservative party's prominent institutions.  Thomas Jefferson's stately home Monticello has a new department called "Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion."  The New York Post claims that visitors complain "that employees go out of their way to belittle Jefferson and his life."

Matt Briney, vice president of media and communications of Mount Vernon, said," Our mission is to protect the estate.  To present to the 350,000 children that come to Mount Vernon a year with facts and allow them to learn history through the eyes of those that lived it." 

The organization was started by a group of women wanting to preserve the home and its history.  They purchased it from the Washington family and assumed control in 1860.  Then formed the Mount Vernon Ladies Association in 1953.  The society avoids getting into political movements because it is privately funded and takes no government money. 

Matt Briney concludes, "We work to protect the legacy of George Washington and what he stood for through our teaching institutions and scholarships.  Our history helps shape our future.  George Washington knew he was passing down an imperfect union.  As stated in our founding documents, it will be up to us and the generations we leave this for to perfect it."

At this time, the Ronald Reagan Library has yet to comment.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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