Destroyed ecosystems, drug payments, and child slavery are the legacies of the 'renewable' energy industry

As conservatives, we often find ourselves on the receiving end of derision and unfounded castigation; we're slandered with ad hominem attacks, labeled "anti-environmentalists" or "science deniers."

Believe that property rights belong to Americans, rather than insects as the Endangered Species Act legislates?  Anti-environmentalist!

Are you concerned the green agenda might be a thinly disguised attempt to install global communism, given the fact the "green" revolution seems to be meticulously following Marx's instruction for a cultural revolution?  Climate change denier!

A quick internet search yielded these headlines:

Why Republicans Turned Against the Environment

How Republicans came to embrace anti-environmentalism

An Earth Day Reminder of How Republicans Have Forsaken the Environment

Why are Republicans fighting to pollute the air we breathe?

Republicans try to prove they are not the party of climate denial

Yet, as we know, all that is a load of baloney.  Especially as conservatives, we hold a deep desire to conserve nature's beauty and resources, for several reasons: it's likely we're functioning in the framework of a Judeo-Christian moral ethic that calls for us to be good stewards, and statistics show that we likely have children — what kind of conservative parent strives to leave to their progeny a toxic wasteland?

That is why we're painfully aware that the "renewable" or "sustainable" or "clean" energy industry isn't so "renewable," "sustainable," or "clean."  In fact, undoubtedly, the environment bears extensive ecological damage from left-wing environmental policy.  Data comparing wildlife deaths between the "clean" energy industry and the "dirty" energy industry found that "greenies have a lot of bird blood on their hands" — windmills and solar panels kill significantly more birds (many of them endangered) than oil spills.  A few days back, I came across a report detailing a peer-reviewed study that found that offshore wind farms can have a "substantial impact" on the coastal systems in which they're built.

But now there's a new and more troubling secret festering within the industry, one of forced labor, child slavery, and payments of alcohol and drugs.  This past Monday, The Guardian published an article that highlighted a recent report.  Some of the key findings are below:

About 2.6 million Uyghur and Kazakh people have been subjected to coercion, 're-education programs' and internment in the Xinjiang region of north-west China, which is the source of 40-45% of the world's solar-grade polysilicon. A report by the United Nations office of the high commissioner for human rights three months ago found Xinjiang was home to 'serious human rights violations', and the US has listed polysilicon from China as a material likely to have been produced by child or forced labour [sic].

On batteries, there were major issues with the mining… of the world's cobalt… Amnesty International found that children, some as young as seven, were working in artisanal cobalt mines, often for less than $2 a day. Mining conditions were reportedly hazardous, and workers often did not have adequate protective equipment and were exposed to toxic dust that contributed to hard metal lung disease.

On wind energy, there had been rapid growth in demand for balsa wood used in turbine blades that had reportedly led to workers in Ecuador's Amazon region being subject to substandard labour [sic] conditions, including payment being made with alcohol or drugs. The demand… increased deforestation, and affected the land rights of Indigenous people in Peru.

We've known "green energy" isn't so green — remember this?

But now add to it these groundbreaking and heinous revelations — the green movement is a scam at all levels — yet the leftist mind promotes the true agenda of anti-environmentalism and anti-humanitarianism.  "Slavery is bad, and so are anti-environment Republicans, but green is good!"  (Even though it results in real, happening-right-now slavery and ecologic carnage.)

In recent news, California took steps towards a $559-billion reparations program.  How long until I'm yet again paying for reparations — this time "climate" reparations?

Image: Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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