Democrat party and Sam Bankman-Fried make money laundering look like child's play

Roger Simon is a writer and editor of great accomplishments, a screenwriter and novelist, but also a political commentator of great repute, founder of PJ Media, and now a regular columnist for Epoch Times.  His November 21, 2022 discussion of the FTX scandal and bankruptcy was on the money with regards to the scam, and properly titled, “FTX Scandal Exposes ‘Woke’ as the Crime Syndicate of Our Times”.

As Mr. Simon says:

Move over mafia, . . . The ideology known as ‘woke’ has superseded you and put you to shame. It’s a more powerful syndicate with more corrupt allies in high places than you could find in a Francis Ford Coppola movie, even if the director made 50 Godfather sequels.

Simon lists the players in the scam and money laundering that includes academia and mainstream media and prominent banks and corporations, the Democrat Party and, regrettably, the Republican Party establishment Poohbahs, all at the same trough that is available because they promote the leftist “woke” agenda.  Simon provides the details and it is a disgusting display of ideological corruption and political misconduct.

As Simon says so appropriately:

Yes, the mafia would take care of its people and maybe bribe a few cops and politicians, although they never thought to paint themselves as the social justice saviors of humanity—where the real money is.

Mr. Simon focuses on the fact that Sam Bankman-Fried colluded with politicians, bought influence, and this wunderkind of FTX showed the importance of “woke” in pushing the biggest grift and confidence racket of all time.  Simon gets into the details and the collusion, and he concludes that:

Sam Bankman-Fried and his cohorts at FTX/Alameda don’t believe in God on any level we would recognize. For a country founded in the Judeo–Christian tradition, that’s a problem with terminal overtones.  Frankly, I preferred the mafia.

I would recommend this essay in full but also a regular effort to read the outstanding writing of the great Simon.

John Dale Dunn is a consultant, retired emergency physician, inactive attorney.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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