Deep State interference was a conspiracy theory, until it wasn’t

Under the direction of Elon Musk, troves of files regarding Twitter’s dealings have been made public. We’re seeing just how much government bureaucrats colluded with the tech company to justify the suppression of stories which detailed the extent of the Biden family corruption. We can safely assume that government officials also had discussions with other media outlets because the suppression of the story was almost universal. Any journalist worth a lick would have known about the kickbacks to Hunter from Burisma, and would have been aware of the video which recorded Joe Biden dangling $1 billion of taxpayer money to coerce the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor looking into the corruption.

Now, most media outlets are also suppressing the Twitter Files. These agencies are clearly more outraged at Musk’s transparency than with government interference in elections, which just illustrates the media’s willingness to aid and abet. They are clearly out to silence Musk.

When Trump and other conservatives talked about a “Deep State” of government bureaucrats, the complicit media called the claim a conspiracy theory — yet when bureaucrats seek to control the narrative and talking points and subjugate what should be a free press, that is exactly what we’re talking about.

The media and other government officials claimed that everything Dr. Fauci said was gospel, no matter how much he got wrong. They squelched people who disagreed so the public wouldn’t challenge government edicts. They falsely labeled the theory that the Wuhan lab was the origin source as a disproven conspiracy theory.

The Washington Post ran a story mocking the notion there may be nefarious actors in our unchecked federal agencies which was titled, “The ‘deep state’: From scholarly critique to toxic conspiracy theory”. The piece read:

Even Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-diseases expert, who has become America’s Doctor in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, has been accused of being a deep state actor.

One of the silliest efforts to discredit the entrenchment of a “Deep State” was made by CNN, which declared:

President Donald Trump is deeply invested in the idea that there is a ‘Deep State’ embedded within the government bureaucracy – and centered in the Department of Justice – which actively worked to defeat him in 2016 and then sought to undermine him once he won the presidency.

That conspiracy theory, which has never had much merit, suffered a near-fatal blow Friday afternoon when the Department of Justice declined to pursue criminal charges against former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

That might be the most ridiculous circular logic I’ve ever read — there’s no “Deep State” because a corrupt government bureaucracy failed to find fault in one of their own. Gee, that’s convincing.

All it proved was that the Deep State people protect other Deep State people, just as they protected criminals like Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner, no matter how many laws they broke. Eric Holder, John Brennan, and James Clapper were also above the law, no matter how many times they committed perjury.

Or remember the Steele Dossier? Bureaucrats under Obama working with Clinton and the DNC to fabricate information all to spy on the Trump campaign?

Then, when that didn’t work, the media and other Democrats spent four years intentionally lying to destroy Trump in the eyes of the public. They said he colluded with Russia, called him an illegitimate President, repeatedly called him a racist, and falsely labeled him a dictator.

For years, we dealt with the Mueller investigation based almost entirely on the original lie about Russian collusion, and there were two impeachment efforts.

In 2020, the media Democrats undoubtedly campaigned for Biden, as they continued the assault on Trump and suppressed the true story about Biden corruption.

Anyone who believes that the same media that willingly lies about Russian collusion, buries opposition to COVID talking points, downplays the crisis at the border, and hides the truth about Biden family corruption, won’t also intentionally spread misinformation should check to see if their curiosity gene is still working.

The media Democrats don’t care about the truth, they care about power for leftists, period.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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