Cold winter exposes climate frauds: Germany returns to coal

This is weird.  After “leading the way” for the climate communists, Germany now faces a freezing winter and ballooning energy crises — they’re at the precipice of an economic meltdown, so they’re bringing back their coal.

See what Bloomberg had to say:

Germany is set to boost its reliance on coal as it battles an unprecedented energy crisis — even at the expense of its ambitious climate goals.

…coal is making a comeback as countries seek to prevent soaring energy costs from triggering an economic meltdown. In Europe, the crisis is acute, after Russia curbed natural gas supplies in the fallout of its war in Ukraine.

(Oh how I’m relishing in President Trump’s ‘told ya so’ moment right now.)

Additionally, the article includes a quote from Carlos Fernandez Alvarez, who is the “acting head of gas, coal and power at the International Energy Agency.” A precursory scan of the website yields a consistent lexicon. You’ll see the words “sustainable” and “clean energy”, and some of their technologies include “carbon capture” and “methane abatement” — cull the cows and bring on the cricket food! (Obviously, the political agenda is one of climate communism.)

Per Alvarez:

Everyone is keeping their climate targets, but it’s true that when you face the dilemma to keep the lights on or decrease carbon emissions, the choice is to keep the lights on[.]

Two interesting points that arise from the above assertion:

First, Alvarez acknowledges that a transition away from gas and coal as a source of energy is at this moment, not achievable without forcing people to return to the Dark Ages. Ramrodding through policy to conform to “climate goals” results in “an unprecedented energy crisis” — it’s just not feasible.

Secondly, Alvarez eviscerates the seriousness of the “climate crisis.” It’s obvious the powers that be don’t mind sacrificing the prosperity and comfort of the average citizen, so if it were actually a crisis, they’d make us use candles. But it’s not a crisis, rather it’s communism in disguise, and therefore they can’t do too much too soon, it’s a boil the frog type strategy.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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