Chrissy Teigen discusses idea of stealing items from the White House in post about White House state dinner

Who visits the White House with the first thought about how to steal its property?

Seems celebrity-star Chrissy Teigen had that thought, and decided to share it with all her millions of adoring followers on Instagram.

It's buried within a gushy Parade magazine story about the dress Teigen wore to this week's White House state dinner for France's president, Emmanuel Macron:

Teigen shared some shots from the night on her Instagram, writing: "The State Dinner! Being in the White House will never not be extremely exciting. Secret Service! Tiny things you want to steal but don't because you want to be invited back! Sitting next to the secretary of defense Lloyd Austin AHHHHH I really held back to the best of my ability. An extremely humbling room. Back home with the babies now and not sure I can do one more venture like this but what a way to go out!"

Note that odd lack of curiosity from the writer about Teigen's revealed interest in stealing stuff as her first thought.  She said her only deterrent against it was not right-and-wrong, as normal people might feel, but the prospect of not being invited back.

She's surrounded by the grandeur of the White House, and there are 400 star-studded guests from every field, which ought to have interested her as a shameless self-promoter, but all she could think about was how to pocket a silver setting or two to take back home like a pack rat.  You sure as heck wouldn't want to see her visiting a mall or museum or anything.

Teigen of course was an odd choice of guest for the big White House to-do, given that she's pretty much a pariah for her record of bullying a mentally troubled "non-binary" person and telling that person to commit suicide, activity that an NBC guest columnist called "a well-known pattern" and which lost her her Target contract and probably much else.  This didn't matter to the Joe Biden White House, of course, as Teigen and her left-wing husband, John Legend, are prolific donors to Democrat causes.

But of all the monied leftist celebrities out there — they had to pick this pair?  Maybe Parade should have asked about that one.

More to the point, Teigen's revelations about being tempted to steal stuff tells us a lot about her and her greedy, acquisitive, materialistic personality, coupled with her paucity of basic morals — and her exhibitionist impulse toward "too much information."  Normal people, if they have such thoughts, would keep that bad stuff to themselves.  Not Teigen.

It tells us a lot about her, but it also tells us a lot about what's going on on the left.

Teigen's thoughts of theft follow a spate of stories surrounding Democrats and petty thievery.

Recall that Joe Biden told a kid he could "go steal a pumpkin" at the White House turkey pardon, for starters.  Nobody tells that to a kid except some kind of creep or creepy grandpa.

Recall also that Biden's chief of nuclear waste disposal, Sam Brinton, was recently found by state lawmen to be taking a woman's suitcase from the baggage carousel of a Minneapolis airport in September, pulling the name tag off and putting it in his purse, and then quickly spiriting himself out from the airport to a hotel, with the $300 navy blue Vera Bradley designer roller-bag and its $2,000 worth of clothing that belonged to an innocent passenger.  After that, he checked himself into a fancy hotel with the purloined bag, and then checked himself out of the hotel with the fancy bag, according to security footage and police statements.  After that, Brinton took the bag on a trip to Europe.  This happened all within a span of just a few weeks, and cops noted in their complaint that Brinton never checked a bag at all during his first flight to Minneapolis, so he had no reason to be in the baggage collection area at all.  Brinton insisted he took the bag by mistake, but he failed to return the bag when cops gave him that "out" for that theft and claimed he left the clothing in his hotel room, which hotel staff said didn't happen.  Brinton never explained why he took the tag off and put it in his purse.  He also claimed that when he realized it was not his bag, he "didn't know what to do," which is weird stuff, given that normal people return bags to the airport if they have taken them by mistake.  Brinton, assuming he is telling the truth, which I don't, in his alibi showed absolutely no empathy for the distressed passenger and opted instead to keep the bag for himself as his own luggage now, and quite probably the fancy clothes, too.

Recall also that in the past two weeks or so, Sam Bankman-Fried, the Democrats' second-largest donor, and a prolific funder of Democrat pet causes such as ranked-choice voting and other electoral riggings, has been accused of defrauding thousands of investors in the Madoff-cubed bankruptcy of his cryptocurrency empire.  Seems it's a party of thieves.

The petty stealings weren't just confined to individual Democrats.  Recall that mass lootings in the wake of the George Floyd riots were openly supported and cheered by celebrities such as Teigen, who pledged $100,000 to aid the rioters, as well as Kamala Harris, who also encouraged the public to bail the rioter/looters out of jail.

It seems petty theft is all over the place with Democrats, and let's not even get into the issue of stealing elections.

It's so gross, a tiny thing, this petty thievery that always seems to surround Democrats like a miasma.  It's small, yes, but small like a cockroach, which, if it's seen, is indicative of a much bigger problem behind the walls and floors of the entire edifice.

That's Democrats in a nutshell, and it's high time they cleaned house.

Image: David Shankbone via Flickr, public domain.

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