Chinese communists decry California’s commoditization of children

The Chinese communist government has a long rap sheet when it comes time to human rights abuses. Its agents have perpetuated forced abortions, physically restraining mothers (often in labor) while dismembering their unborn; they have performed live dissections to harvest organs; and they have methodically imprisoned and tortured political and spiritual dissidents.

Yet, even these people, who are guilty of the most heinous acts against their fellow man, can recognize what California Democrats cannot; but what can we expect with pro-pedophile and pro-death politicians like Gavin Newsom and Scott Weiner leading the charge? (By now, it’s likely we’ve all seen the news that the Golden State released more than 7,000 pedophiles back onto the streets after the offenders served less than a year in prison.)

In a report from El American, California is now the new Republic of Gilead from Margaret Atwood’s best-selling dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale — given its geographical proximity to China and its subhuman politics, the state has quickly become an “international hot spot for commercial surrogacy.” (In the fictional Gilead, the female handmaids are valued for one thing, and that is their womb.)

According to the report:

Since around 2013, wealthy Chinese nationals have shifted away from traditional birth tourism, whereby a pregnant Chinese woman comes to the United States with the intention of having her baby born here. Instead, they have increasingly relied on American surrogates to bear their children.


Producing a child in the United States has many perks. At birth, children gain and maintain full U.S. citizenship, birth certificates and social security numbers, access to education, and a path for their biological parents to receive a green card….

With birth tourism, a pregnant woman must obtain a visa, travel to the U.S. to give birth, and find an agency to house and help secure the necessary paperwork before returning to China. The process can take months.

Now, however, a Chinese couple or individual can simply work with a U.S. based agency to send their reproductive material… to an IVF lab and implant it in a hired surrogate to produce a viable pregnancy. All without ever leaving China.

Some of these agencies even advertise their services as a “cheaper alternative” to a visa.

This rent-a-womb arrangement is beyond unethical for many reasons, but of course, California politicians see no issue — no surprise there though, they’re categorically known by one of their most recognized traits, cognitive dissonance. The same leftists unhinged for abortion and feminazism, screeching about women being more than just a “birthing vessel,” have yet to denounce this gruesome, for-profit scheme of dehumanization, which sees women actually being treated as birthing vessels.

The practice is so vile, even the communists criticize it. According to the aforementioned article, “Beijing officially recognizes [commercial surrogacy] as a form of dehumanizing birth colonialism” and earlier this year, publicly condemned a famous Chinese actress for her use of the service.

I actually find myself agreeing with a communist on something — California Democrats are despicable, and in this instance, theyre more egregious offenders against humanity than members of the Chinese Communist Party. Let that sink in.

Image: lunar caustic, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, unaltered.

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