'Censorship actually killed people': Dr. Jay Battacharya on the consequences of government suppression of honest discussion of COVID on Twitter

Dr. Jay Battacharya of Stanford is one of the great heroes of the COVID epidemic, a fearless truth-teller in the face of overwhelming pressure to parrot the party line emanating from the Faucists in control of the governmental, academic, and pharmaceutical establishments, all of which enriched themselves and/or grabbed unprecedented power from their response to the viral outbreak.

Speaking with Megyn Kelly, who has become another brave truth-teller in her online show, Dr. Battacharya laid out with factual backup the horrendous consequences of the suppression of honest discussion of COVID policy that has been revealed with the release of the Twitter Files (so far, with much more to come, according to Elon Musk).  Opposition to policies that were dead wrong was suppressed, and we now have proof of that.  As Dr. Battacharya concludes, "censorship actually killed people."

If ever there were a case of villains with power harming the public with censorship, this is it.  The First Amendment alone should have made the censorship by government using Twitter as a proxy unthinkable, but as we know, it didn't.  The invented categories of "misinformation" and "disinformation" have been proclaimed as not subject to it.  That's why the proof that censorship harmed, indeed killed, people is so important to ratify the importance of the First Amendment in practical terms.

Watch as a genuine American hero makes his case:

Hat tip: Citizen Free Press

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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